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Hello to my friends and supporters from Mexico!
I've been hearing a lot from you guys lately. (email, fb, plurk, da, etc)
I'd really like to thank you guys for visiting my site and for your continued support!


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Update on Shizen Orchestra</strong>

April 25, 2009
SM X Function Hall 5, SM MALL OF ASIA
11 AM - 8 PM


~Various bands will perform Japanese, Korean, and Chinese music

Japanese fashion designing contest~
~Participants will design an outfit on paper inspired by Japanese fashion. There will to two categories: Traditional and Contemporary Design. The entries will be submitted before the Music Festival and will be judged during the event itself. Festival guests will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite designs.

Individual and Group Cosplay Competition~

Plushie (stuffed toy) designing contest~
~Participants will design plushie or stuffed toy costumes inspired by Japanese fashion.

Artist's corner/commissions~
~Participants are artists whose works are inspired by the anime and manga styles.

Maid and Butler cafe~
~Convention guests will be invited to dine at this café with servers dressed as maids and butlers. The theme of this booth is inspired by the Maid and Butler cafes present in Japan. Towards the end of the event, the maids and butlers will have a music and dance presentation.

Music Fashion Show~
~Convention goers will be invited to participate in a show portraying the different fashions and their own interpretations of the East Asian music industry.

Food and Non-Food Concessionaires~
~Products of the concessionaires are sold to the guests.

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WOAH Kune's looking cool thar :thumbsup: