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A few guys I'd like to thank! :heart:

:bulletred: Thank you so much to the Faller Family for the wonderful presents!

It was surprising to see such a colorful bunch. What's more amazing is when
I opened the pink notebook!! It was something I never expected!!

A personalized scrapbook! Very sweet of them to make this. *tears*

It was really cool how much time and effort was poured into piecing this together.
I love it! It makes me want to print and compile my past photos~
...just in case my CDs get crushed by orangeish (lol)... at least I have
hard copies, right?

Lovely Louella Faller! This 4 year old girl has done a lot of cosplays already!
This is also the same little girl who wanted to take me home. Hahaha!
Here is a little feature on some of her cosplays beside some of mine~ Chibi version! Kawaii!!!

From our Magna Carta Shoot | Louella as Pink Kimono Girl of Hyung Tae Kim

Me as Gothic Lolita Haruhi for Maxicollector's Anime Figure Launching | Louella as Haruhi

Me and Louella during the Collecticon (Collecticon Aftermath) event last October 9 2009!

I think she has more costumes but I couldn't find the other photos yet~
Can't wait to see more of her~^__^ Too cute to resist, don't you think?

:bulletred: Thanks also to JM Cruz for the presents!

Can't wait to check 'em all out!~^_^

:bulletred: Thank you to jaytablante for the uber huge print of our WitchBlade Shoot!!

Here is the print beside our piano so you guys could maybe estimate how big it is!
The quality is really good. Very sharp details and consistent print quality!
Must have this framed soon!

:bulletred:  And finally, thanks to the following guys who got Mini Camera Charms from me
last weekend at MaxiWorks/Maxicollector Power Plant. It was nice meeting you guys!




Alexis! She also has this bronze-colored cam necklace. Very cute!


Cheche and Francis!

Aldrin and his daughter!

Kei and JM Cruz!


The Faller Family!

Thanks also to Adrian's cousin, Charles!

Please let me know if I've gotten your names right~
Thanks again!^_^

Xander Angeles' Exhibit

OTACOOL 2 (cosplay book)

Events we'll be attending:

FOR SALE:Mini Camera Charms

Hello there! I am selling mini camera charms my friend and I made.
They're only P499 ($11) per set! The set includes the camera pendant,
a silver metal chain and charm holder. It is not breakable!

The mini cameras are made out of black resin (not polymer clay/sculpey)
which makes it more durable. The lens and LCD areas have been
glossed to make those certain parts shine.

</a> </a>
UPDATE: New chains! You can choose to have a silver chain or
a black chain for your Camera Charm! :]
Each chain is 30inches long!

:bulletpink: Click here for more info!


:iconcosplaycircle: :icontoycollectors:

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Cool, I have the same bronze camera necklace as the Alexis girl :D