Art Gifts Part II

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Since the previous list couldn't be updated
anymore because of exceeding the bandwidth
(it just reached the 64kb limit)
I've decided to make a 3rd list to accomodate
all the new gift artworks I receive!
Thank you everyone! :hug:
I will be forever grateful for each artwork
I receive from you, guys!
:heart: :heart:

+ Art Gifts Part I +
+ Art Gifts Part II +
+ Art Gifts Part III +


:bulletred:Alodia and Crissey chibi
by AHE

Angel Sanctuary by greenmindedred
:bulletred:Angel Sanctuary
by greenmindedred

by WeirdArtista

:bulletred:Alodia Drow 1.2
by Tristam-Alvein

Edjie by STsung
by STsung

Alodia Sketch by el3ment
:bulletred:Alodia Sketch
by el3ment

Music Of The Ocean by thedeviateone
:bulletred:Music Of The Ocean
by thedeviateone

Elven Lady in Deep Thoughts by MissEdeagirl
:bulletred:Elven Lady in Deep Thoughts
by MissEdeagirl

:bulletred:Kawaii Girl
by UzumakiAbi

A song by Yuudei
:bulletred:This song is for you
by Yuudei

by aoitenshi14

Drawing - Alodia by umboody
:bulletred:Drawing - Alodia
by umboody

Alodia-anime by eepyaj07
by eepyaj07

Rockstar by eoy
by eoy

by ryjalon311

by Yasny-chan

Achi Shobe by TAHOpaints
:bulletred:Achi Shobe WIP2
by TAHOpaints

:bulletred:HL ID 2
by Nakatoni

Siren Alodia by Phadme
:bulletred:Siren Alodia
by Phadme

J-Pop Alodia by Phadme
:bulletred:J-Pop Alodia
by Phadme

by Saywhaat

:bulletred:School of Rock
by pixie-corpse306

:bulletred:Alodia cropped by slumberdoll
by molimonster

B and W Cuteness by Methmonkey
:bulletred:B and W Cuteness
by Methmonkey

Blackmage9 Painting by Dulavente
:bulletred:Blckmage9 Paintin
by Dulavente

Pretty in Pink by ronaldguanzon
:bulletred:Pretty in Pink
by ronaldguanzon

by ColorLover

Payten by dwyII
by :devdwyll:

Neon Dragon Anti-Angel by elrothiel
:bulletred:Neon Dragon Anti-Angel
by elrothiel

Her Biggest Fan by Twilights-Maiden
:bulletred:Her Biggest Fan
by Twilights-Maiden

Strike a pose by Amethyst1
:bulletred:Strike a pose
by Amethyst1

sing it... by most-memorable
:bulletred:sint it...
by most-memorable

by Sajmono


blackmage9 in Vector by Bogsp
:bulletred:blackmage9 in Vector
by Bogsp

Flower by ronaldguanzon
by ronaldguanzon

Alodia Vectorized by jovincent
:bulletred:Alodia Vectorized
by jovincent

:bulletred:Sweet Dreams
by lacks-equipment-girl

Elite by chouk
by chouk

:bulletred:Alodia - Angel Song
by NetherworldQueen

:bulletred:. Red Moon .
by NetherworldQueen

Aglaea, the Beauty by rollinghair
:bulletred:Aglaea, the Beauty
by rollinghair

:bulletred:devPortrait - crisseyblackmage
by Puchiko-Chan

by sunAriane

everythings pink? by yeytofu
:bulletred:everythings pink?
by yeytofu

Alodia in Pink by enajxcezki
:bulletred:Alodia in Pink
by enajxcezki

:bulletred:Welcome, Traveler
by jinnikinh

:bulletred:roseus nadeshiko
by yeytofu

For Edjie+Blackmage9 by Crissey
:bulletred:For Edjie+Blackmage9
by Crissey

:bulletred:Blackmage IX
by giostigma

:bulletred:Alodia the cosplay queen
by strangeheart

:bulletred:Reiko Manip Slumberdoll Stock
by jehaldeman

goddess by mannieboy
by mannieboy

myangel by gabboo
by gabboo

Automatic Blossoms by chibiomajo
:bulletred:Automatic Blossoms
by chibiomajo

by CreatureBoy

WIND_for_alodia by totmoartsstudio2
by totmoartsstudio2

:bulletred:Passion: Base
by outsane13

In the forest by urumi13
:bulletred:In the forest
by urumi13

Bleh by rockrock
by rockrock

Music that silents the fields by urumi13
:bulletred:Music that silents the fields
by urumi13

Angel in hiding by urumi13
:bulletred:Angel in hiding
by urumi13

In the midst of nowhere by urumi13
:bulletred:In the midst of nowhere
by urumi13

Fairy Alodia by urumi13
:bulletred:Fairy Alodia
by urumi13

Alodia Stamp by sorasky
:bulletred:Alodia Stamp
by sorasky

:bulletred::bulletred:Art Gifts Part I :bulletred::bulletred::


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