AFA09 Day 1, Cosplay Judge Kaname's thoughts!

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AFA09 Day 1

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Before the Con

:bulletblue: Alodia & Ashley at the AFA by Maxicollector

:bulletblue: Alodia and Ashley in Singapore Day 1 (Nov19) and Day 2 (Nov20) by Ronald Guanzon</a>


:bulletorange: AFA Day 1 by

:bulletorange: Alodia and Ashley: AFA Weekend by Maxicollector

:bulletorange: LED Witchblade Cosplays at AFA 2009 Regional Championships (under Latest News) by Top Cow Productions

:bulletorange: Um... AFA 09... repeat? by enzanijuuin

:bulletorange: AFA 09 by SnowFern

:bulletorange: Snapshots from Anime Festival Asia 2009 by CNET Asia

:bulletorange: AFA'09 [DAY 01] by mydemoninyou

:bulletorange: AFA 09: Day01 – What Else? by Ederu

:bulletorange: AnimeSuki Forum

:bulletorange: Anime Festival Asia 2009 – Quick Break!! by wcloudxkumo

:bulletorange: AFA09. - A weekend of fun and games! by bcotaku

:bulletorange: I am a cosplayer by livingtoxic

:bulletorange: AFA’09 – The Regional Cosplayers in Action by zh3us

:bulletorange: cosplay de witchblade na afa09 by witchbladediva


:bulletpink: Mirai Cosplay by Danny Choo

:bulletpink: AFA 09 Cosplayer: Alodia Gosiengfiao by

:bulletpink: Suenaga Sisters by

:bulletpink: AFA Day 02 by TinyRedMan

:bulletpink: AFA'09 [DAY 02] by mydemoninyou

:bulletpink: AFA09: Day 02 by Neo Pro Lacus

If you have any journal entries about the event, please let me know so I can include it in the list here. :D

Preview of Day 2


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Featured Entries

Alodia's Otacool feat Billy Herrinton (11/15/09)
What has been seen...cannot be unseen! (more)

The Ashley/Haley Project (11/09)
It's kind of like a Julie and Julia thing, but about music. (more)

The White Hat Charity
Speaking of giveaways, our charity event with The White Hat last Sunday was pretty successful. We were able to raise P45,195. (more)

Scanned prints from various media.(more)

Alodia's Techie Blog (09/08/09)
100mm lens, Cintiq + Flip Reviews!(more)

Morrigan Shoot (09/24/09)
Another shoot I pretty much got really excited for was our Morrigan + Rikku Shoot with jaytablante whose works are definitely amazing. (more)

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