A Victim of Foul Play

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A Victim of Foul Play</strong>

E-Games Domination III + Alodia Fans Day</strong>



April 25, 2009
SM X Function Hall 5, SM MALL OF ASIA
11 AM - 8 PM


~Various bands will perform Japanese, Korean, and Chinese music

Japanese fashion designing contest~
~Participants will design an outfit on paper inspired by Japanese fashion. There will to two categories: Traditional and Contemporary Design. The entries will be submitted before the Music Festival and will be judged during the event itself. Festival guests will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite designs.

Individual and Group Cosplay Competition~

Plushie (stuffed toy) designing contest~
~Participants will design plushie or stuffed toy costumes inspired by Japanese fashion.

Artist's corner/commissions~
~Participants are artists whose works are inspired by the anime and manga styles.

Maid and Butler cafe~
~Convention guests will be invited to dine at this café with servers dressed as maids and butlers. The theme of this booth is inspired by the Maid and Butler cafes present in Japan. Towards the end of the event, the maids and butlers will have a music and dance presentation.

Music Fashion Show~
~Convention goers will be invited to participate in a show portraying the different fashions and their own interpretations of the East Asian music industry.

Food and Non-Food Concessionaires~
~Products of the concessionaires are sold to the guests.


Second Batch of Mini TopHats - available</strong>

SDCC 2009

Art Gifts Part IV</strong>

+ Art Gifts Part I + Art Gifts Part II + Art Gifts Part III +   Art Gifts Part IV +

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mikeabundo's avatar
The Cebu representatives to their latest competition aren't even Cebuanos. The foul play continues.
Spiderion's avatar
Nicely said. You rock Alodia.
Reinhart-31's avatar
i see. you have tasted the bad side of the anime/cosplay community now. welcome to the club.
takeuchi-kite's avatar
Been hearing about this topic 2 years after i started to get involved deep in the community itself.

What you stated was the truth itself but at the moment we can't really do much since no one is still able to be at par with those who are responsible for making a huge mess in the cosplay community here in PH.

Which brings us to the fact that some cosplayers nowadays just prefer to "cosplay" and not to participate on catwalks. They do this because they simply just want to enjoy themselves.

Kudos on the post/entry but at the moment i doubt that those "elitists" (which i call them) would receive even a nudge on this topic.

"E mas makapal pa sa semento ang mukha nila eh! EMF LANG!"
polence's avatar
"and now she's biting the hand that feeds her"

Wow... big words from the "kapit tuko"(coattail-rider/gecko lizard) of the superiors. Considering you never approach them for help as a favor, they helped because they are obligated and/or paid to. All these years of cosplay, they have been doing such things, I witnessed a lot of those. I just hate the fact that they try to justify what bad things they did as right and/or fair.

Trust me, I should know, they did all of what they did to Alodia to me. I leave it to kharma.
mikeabundo's avatar
Also, Alodia's site gets far more visitors than Cosplay.ph does. How could they possibly claim to be "the hand that feeds her"?
mikeabundo's avatar
Apparently, Henry won't take responsibility for his words. He's suddenly set that plurk to friends-only.

I don't want him running around calling Polence a liar. Here's a screencap for posterity.
mikeabundo's avatar
They're not the ones spending for her costumes. They're not the ones getting her endorsement deals. They are most certainly not "the hand that feeds her."

For Cosplay.ph to claim any credit for Alodia's success is simply ludicrous.
KamikazeJones's avatar
Sad that even in this hobby, politics rears its ugly head. Not that I'm surprised though, I mean it's the Philippines! nothing here is straight everything here is crooked. I've heard a lot from the older cosplayers quitting simply because this so called cosplay organization running the show. What's funny, there wasn't even an organization or group managing anything and cosplay WAS fun before some self proclaimed group of people started saying how they're the leading group in this Cosplay Universe. anyhoo, enough of my rants its there no point in crying over spilled milked. I feel for you alodia its sad but true i hope something is done but knowing how things work here in the Philippines that's neigh impossibility. No harm in hoping though.
neueziel's avatar
It was good you did that, remember that madami na lumalaki ang ulo sa otaku community.
animefangurl's avatar
Your the main Judge and yet your only going to check 10% of the criteria? ...strange indeed

Ang lungkot namn isipin...pati sa Cosplay may injustice.

But Im relieved, na Kahit papano ikaw sinasabi mo ito so fellow cosplayers mo. :hug:
Chemicalbonbonne's avatar
Hm. . .I really do agree.
FIrst of all, it's only 10 percent.
It's the littlest amount given, and second, it's the only thing Alodia-sama is allowed to judge!?

That's kind of. . .dumb. Rude, if you ask me. But most of all, unfair to all the cosplayers who try their very best.

I also believe that audience impact should have a little bit more contribution to the score.

This problem should be dealt with as soon as possible, if this goes on, the cosplaying spirit of the Philippines could be affected. D:

Sana di na maulit yung ganyan. x x
luckydragonbb's avatar
congradulations on graduation.
when it comes to cosplay, i say do it for fun not for awards. that way you dont have to worry about unfair judging.
MykKs's avatar
this blog was shared, now the thread is burning... haha...
nightvisiongoggles's avatar
everyone has a good point.

one problem i noticed, although i'm not a cosplayer 'yet' but i frequently go to conventions, is that i see the same organizers everytime.

this creates a monopoly, especially when you realize that <most> cosplayers are there not to win, but just to have fun; they become complacent and forget that this is also a contest, that who deserves to win should win. so the organizers have a free hand in doing what they want to do.

example: i went to the ozine fest day 2, since my band, Varna, joined the BOTB. fortunately, we won (and i don't think there was any foul play since we gave our best performance despite the poor state of the equipment, especially the drum set). i saw the rules and it stated that the winners for day 1 and 2 will perform on day 3; we got the prize but they never told us anything about going the next day, and they never informed us on day 3 itself. although nothing seemed foul, it was quite unusual for them to overlook that guideline...

so the problem might be the complacency of the 'superiors' and the liberty that they exercise, since there are no checks and balances.

boycotting will only worsen the situation, and might destroy the momentum of popularizing cosplay here in the country.

in these cases, only a sensible, mature dialogue between the organizers and the aggrieved parties will be able to formulate a solution. posting or blogging about it will cause awareness, yes, but won't solve it.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing."
-E. Burke
dArkeRiaNnE's avatar
parang ang dating saken nung judging is
3 judges = 1 judge

siguro isang valid point din para dun eh to judge every cosplayer very carefully...kung isang criteria lng nga naman ang bibigyan mo ng mark mas mapapaigi mo ung scoring lalo na sa mga cosplayers na 10-second mag-catwalk mahihirapan ka talagang magbigay ng score for 3 criteria
SaburoTenma's avatar
Two reasons I wasn't able to complete my work as a volunteer at E-Games :
(1) I had a group skit with my friends sa Ozine.
(2) My motorbike broke down, and I had to pass by the shop on the way home.

Congrats on graduating and the successful fan's day!
natawa ako.. not because of the situation but because of the people trying to prove you wrong.. i'm not against anything they're saying.. i do not approve of it either.. pero napapansin ko lang, some comments here are made just to bash you.. yung magcocomment lang para lang maaway ka.. well, that is just my point of view..

naalala ko tuloy when we had a debate in class about bonifacio vs aguinaldo.. i was vent on bashing my opponent just because i hate her.. lahat ng sabihin nya may panglaban ako.. i didn't even focus on the whole topic, basta lang matalo ko siya, ma-disprove ko lahat ng sinasabi nya... it felt like i was winning.. but then again, in the end sabi nung prof ko, kung nabubuhay lang yung dalawa binatukan na kame.. we didn't focus on the problem, basta lang matalo namen ang isa't isa.. we both lost the fight.. no one won..

parang ganito din yung nangyayari dito, maaway ka lang nila, sige sa comment... i don't know if anything you say will change their minds, i just hope that you have a lot of strength for this, a lot of people will be coming on to you.. a lot of them will try to say things just to make you look bad kahit ndi pa nila naiintindihan yung pov mo..

goodluck.. and congrats on your grad
yurisaku's avatar
I think I'm just too young to understand those things xD I joined the cosplay contest at Domination.
Leekaara's avatar
Wow. The politics of this all bewilders me! I never imagined things could be so complicated. I hate it when corruption and unfairness taints the fun and beauty of art such as cosplay.
digitalpanda's avatar
..this reminds me of Twilight..the Volturi Coven.^^;
kathsun's avatar
hmm.. I don't cosplay. I costrip.
But inspite of that, I still see bias in the judges cause it's pretty obvious judging people's costumes and their effort by merely seeing its details, there are superiors and inferiors.. As always, even if the costume is effortless, boohoo. they win. It's really sad thinking that people spend weeks making that costume or saving money for it and end up to nothing...poor them.
zeusplara's avatar
hey alodia! first of all, congratz on your graduation! :D and about the thing that happened during the cosplay contest, it really sucks to know what just happened there... ibigay ba naman sa yo yung isang category lang. parang lokohan lang yun... anyways... now that you've finished your studies, anu plans mo? :)
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