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Xenosaga III: KOS-MOS Swimsuit

"KOS-MOS is a video game character from the Xenosaga series. She is an armored female android, developed by the interstellar conglomerate Vector Industries. She is comprised of entirely mechanical parts (possibly from a superior breed of complex nanomachines), a rarity in the age of advanced Realian technology. The basic tenet to which she adheres is based on logic, probability, and completion of her mission above all else. She also unconditionally protects Shion Uzuki, her co-creator. She is equipped with a "Simulated Personality OS" to aid in communication, and though her speech conveys her role as an android in service to humans, her tendency to put logic and probability first makes her quite difficult to manage at times."

-taken from

I love the buns on her hair! The design of her swimsuit is pretty unique too. It isn't your ordinary bikini... *imagines a hot girl wearing an outfit like this by the beach* Just kidding!

(Just a friendly reminder. I'm a gal..hahaha! People mistake me for being a guy due to my appreciation of the female form) *.*

Oh yeah, before I forget...Her hair is a bit transluscent which is a nice touch to this simple yet awesome figure. :)

Xenosaga III: KOS-MOS Swimsuit Ver. 1/6 PVC Figure
Manufacturer: Alter
Height : 30 cm
Materials: PVC

Photo by (me) Alodia Gosiengfiao *blackmage9 :3
Lighting: Sunlight
My Figure Photography Collection (clickie)

Available at Maxicollector! ^.^

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DisgaeaMI's avatar
Why is Kos-Mos' hair white?
yukitouaikawa1995's avatar
Kos-Mos I One Of My Favorite Video Game Character
ChibiPipeFox's avatar
I wove you KOS-MOS...
P.S. I'm a girl to...
Odessa-Himijo's avatar
She's really gorgeous <3
AnimeFigureFaction's avatar
Gorgeous Figure, I Have Wanted Her For A Long Time. Lucky Bugger!
Hunterkingxxl's avatar
Awesome. I'm a big collector myself and I've always loved the Anime PVC's.
ohhellno520's avatar
paulashins's avatar
I always thought that was the final amazing suit for kos-mos and in this figure she is so perfect <3

I might really want to draw her :heart:
Strawberry2sweet's avatar
I love the color of her bathing suit and the way the suit looks. The picture makes me think of summer.
dragonsailorm's avatar
I have the normal blue one T.T this ones hot
LukeInferno's avatar
Not to sound like a perv or anything, but I think this should be one of your next cosplays....that or any of your really cool figure collection girls. :-)
Philos555's avatar
Can anyone say "Indian in the Cupboard"?
shimekops's avatar
DEFINITELY GLAD I shelled out for this fig. BIG Kos-Mos fanboy haha. Although I still haven't taken mine out of the box for lack of space where to park her lovely, seccy a*s :giggle:
acetahu's avatar
GhostlyKitty's avatar
oh god i wish i had this so bad....
twilightedwisckers96's avatar
Wow is ... beautiful, maybe not the right word, I love the figure and the picture is simply perfect:headbang:
Osasaki's avatar
Im not one for swimsuit figures but thats definitly the one exception i would want x3

Also nice work on the photos :o
Dunno if its me or my camera but i cant seem to take good pictures fo figs:(
jaredwilli's avatar
Nice model, i wish i could make characters like this with 3Ds max
TheMaidenInBlack's avatar
Omfg, I so want one. :|
emerald12321's avatar
it's awesome, the hair looks great as does the swimsuit :( I never managed to get her's either and man the ending on that game huh... i'd have to say it was the weirdest, yet oddly one of the most adictive game series i have ever played lol
PandaBearPaige13's avatar
I wish i had money for these...
I also never found her suit in the game
Jin was my favorite OwO
Osasaki's avatar
You have to unlock all segment doors then talk to Theodore in the Elsa's E.S. Bay, he'll give you that swimsuit.
PandaBearPaige13's avatar
Lol never did that either
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