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:bulletred: Alodia on Culture:Japan on
The show will be airing this Saturday on Tokyo MX TV (JAPAN) from 21:00 - 21:30 and then on the Animax Asia Network which will be broadcast all over Asia. ♥

:bulletred: GAMER GIRL Song
Thank you so much to the awesome artists and musicians from Malaysia for this lovely song - "Gamer Girl"! It's really such an honor to have our works inspire fellow artists! ♥
Composed by Emillio Daniel of "Call us Cute"
Special thanks to Reysha Kamal ~Reysuke-chan for the heads up!

Finally! I've always dreamed of doing a shoot expressing how much I love video games. Any fellow gamers here? My love for games started when I was in my mother's womb. Back then, she was already playing Super Mario Brothers on the Family Computer...and I could already hear it. Just kidding! But yeah, I started really early and loved it ever since!

Anyway, the game playing in the BG/TV is Final Fantasy 13. Though we already finished the game, we just loaded the last chapter and put it on pause for this shot 'coz Final Fantasy pause screens are cool. Hahaha! :3

What's your favorite game? :D

:new: Impromptu FF7 Battle Theme Piano in Rockwell
Impromptu! I played the piano in our fave mall! Just passed by the piano and dad mentioned to the lady pianist there that I knew how to play it too. And there! I was so nervous because I was totally unprepared!! Hence, missed a couple of notes again~ Sorry! *sob*

Photo: Ashley Gosiengfiao *orangeish
Model, Make-up, Styling, Concept: Alodia Gosiengfiao *blackmage9 (me)
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epic-fortnite-man's avatar
what the heck, i hope shes playing some epic game like fortnite other wise im gonna be an epic angry gentleman gamer who is also the skulltrooper skin in real life
tips fedore. m'lady
Shad0wWatcher's avatar
OMG.....she's playing FF12
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Seriously, why are photos from 2010 from models that were not active on dA since 2013 shown on the FrontPage as "hot" and why does the fp Switch to "hot" again and again after I switched it to best deviations of the week?
HimitsuUK's avatar
DeviantArt logic.
MoonFlowerAJ's avatar
im a HUGE game freak.
Right now my favorite games are Five Nights at Freddy's, Until Dawn, Bendy and The Ink Machine, And Assasins Creed Brotherhood
Cybornejo's avatar
Not acurrate at the reality :P fantasy girl gamer
MercyHades's avatar
I think her pose is funky. but she's pretty though.
BuenaVSTA's avatar
Not sure if you mean "Cool" funky or "Weird" funky o -o
J4B's avatar
Lovely picture.
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Why is dA displaying images from June 2010 and jumps from the set "best deviations of the week" to "hot" again and again?
yeah sure gamer girls blabla, lets be honest for 10 years ago we used to play cs 1.0 half life I can ensure you there was no girls who used to play fps. but now days when streaming live exist , for example twitch . I think just because to get some attention some girls start to play fps game , its all about some pretty lonely girls who want attention on another way. but yeah she is the true gamer girl face. 
saizo200's avatar
sorry but you're not a true gamer 
09099aazz's avatar
It's a photoshoot...
Otakufirewolf's avatar
GOOD LORD- how you doin'?
JikeArts's avatar
She's not just a pretty face and does photoshoot. She is Alodia Gosiengfiao and she is indeed a gamer. Hollywood actors and actresses even recognize her. She does live streams of gaming platforms. I am not quite sure what is the basis and how lodi you are to be called as the true gamer since that phrase is so subjective. Check out her youtube channel and facebook as well. Everyman loves her and wants to hang out with her not just because she is gorgeous. 
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I don't see how you can play games in heels. just question that people
Washusama's avatar
You are not playing the game with your feet...
Bojanglatron's avatar
Maybe not VR but sitting around games don't require a lot of standing on your feet.
StarKapt's avatar
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