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Random Sketches

Here are just a few rough sketches I did in the past few days during breaktime and/or during class in school.. I have no time to color them yet..>.>

Please go easy on me. I am still learning how to draw guys!
Btw, the troll on the lower right is a product of a sudden burst of

All are done without reference.

Mechanical Pencil
0.7 blue lead
0.5 2b

Thanks to ~fade319 for the caption of the girl in the middle !!
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Jedi1232's avatar
Still learning? No, no THIS is awesome :D I'm still learning :P
zigzag1242's avatar
they're awesome!
shadowken's avatar
yeah awsome sketches :)
nikkixnocturne's avatar
I love the woman on the lower left.
Great idea to have her whole body shooting off the arrow!
kaze5115's avatar
Yet, I'm still thinking about when she releases the arrow..... When she will do it, the thread will hit her upper part of her leg and she'll probably get a really red line mark....
I really liked the girl with wing in the head, her pose is so cool...
Really liked your style of drawing.
sasquatchbrett's avatar
Really good job here. where did you learn how to draw like this? did you read any books or anythin? I really like your style.
bizcut16's avatar
love this stuff
Chiaroscuro76's avatar
...keep doing it my princess...its a trial and error thing...natural lang magkamali, dahil mas lalo mong maiimprove yung ginagawa mo...ganyan din kasi ako pagdating sa drawing...aun...i've also notice that you have alot of hobbies in life huh?...almost lahat ng talent nasayo na ata...HEHE!(:>;) keep it up!
Chiaroscuro76's avatar
wow! i like it...ang galing mo plang magdrowing...ang galing ng bawat angle at ang sexy naman ng drawing mo at the middle, ikaw ba yon?
Cuthalien's avatar
Still learning? Jesus! Your good. I have a proposition that I'd like for you to look over. Check out my profile's journal to explain a little better. :3
ur work is just so amazing,u have gud sense of perspective though and ur work have finace , amazing imagination. i usually sketch on wacom , have amost stopped pencilling, and wana restart can u just how shud i get started.....i'l be thakful
have u tried manga studios debut 4.0

its reli good
FollowTheCookie's avatar
*thumbs up and fave* I can only manage something decently comparible to that during break time or during class on a good day xD

That's pretty awesome, I still have some improving to do by the look of it.

72nkT3-5nkV29zz's avatar
haha if this is how you draw when you're *still learning* I can't imagine what your work will look like when you get really good! :D
Leon-Z's avatar
still learning?...damm! sure..?'s a great work!..^^
CodenameWing's avatar
For A Beginner, You Sure Know How To Put On Some Details.
When I Started to Learn How To Draw, I'd Focus More on Getting the Anatomy right and make The Poses look ok but slack on Putting some details (like, accessories and clothing patterns) But you, wow! It's like you're doing a holistic approach. Very Nice. Post some of your current works, ayt?
xasphyxiatexdreamsx's avatar
wow. these are gorgeous. you don't seem to be a noob to me. they're amazinggg! i can't draw this good. plus i AM a noob.
devineworrior's avatar
nice work, you rely have a great sence of the women,s body, the breast are rely nicely done. i to do artwork and am rely good at what i do im also a painter. you should check out my work and see for you,r self. i like this drawing because you not only capture the girl,s looks but her personality as well. and her boob,s aren,t huge nether whitch is a good thing. because it show,s you can draw a sexy or attractive women, with out over doing it. that is true art my friend.
sk8ingout's avatar
hahahahahaha still learning how 2 draw huh... lmao really nice job..
kura-yami-rakin's avatar
wow...... so good!
sk8rgurl213's avatar
Well it is certainly RANDOM! Lolzx XP
Nice job Love it!
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