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Tinier Me! :love:
To those wondering, this is a custom selfy designed by me and the Tinier Me team. ^.^
Part of the Tinier Me Staff/Sponsors.

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Photo : Ashley Gosiengfiao *orangeish
Headdress, hair-styling, make-up, character concept : Alodia Gosiengfiao *blackmage9
Outfit : Custom made by Regine's Boutique

© Tinier Me
© Alodia Gosiengfiao ( Facebook | Twitter | YouTube )
© Ashley Gosiengfiao ( Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Tumblr | SoundCloud)
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© 2011 - 2021 BlackMageAlodia
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gawd i look at this picture all the time.... and just .... man i miss tinierme SO MUCH IT HURTS.

if it came back , i would play it once again and spend what money i will soon be recieving from the army [where my job is of course] on tinierme , hands down, 50$ + a month long as i can afford to! QQ
starseekerneko's avatar
.wahh!!...i miss TM!...want qo din icos ung character qo...ang cute kc ng mga items sa mai originality pa...huhu...sadly ndi qo na magagawa kc wala na TM ;(
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Youre so beautiful!!!
LoveIsEnergy's avatar
Alodia, I've seen you on Animax. :D
Desu-Desu-Des's avatar
Everyone to the ChibiPet Area! Let's all smother Alodia-sama with our love! XD :heart:
kowa1985's avatar
nikutsuki's avatar
omg you've got such a wonderful face <33
Seriously, you look gorgeous! Nice picture ^^
Banille's avatar
Arunel's avatar
This is so beautiful !
DeuceMiharus's avatar
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chrisophter's avatar
That's beautiful, as always!

Long-time fan of your work.
FuYuYaMaMoTo's avatar
Shenhua's avatar
Yes, absolutely gorgeous! ^_^
geekachu's avatar
you look amazing in everything ! <3
Mearthdragon's avatar
yes mistress alodia i shall do what you wish (@.@)
gakuseinaku's avatar
nice, your so beautiful...
Ani-Eimi's avatar
:la: You are so beautiful! :+fav: :heart:
mielbelza508's avatar it!..^_^
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