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J-Pop Star

Model : Me / /
Photo by : :heart:


PS : Just kidding about the title.. :giggle: :peace:
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Amieu's avatar
awesome as always...=)
im looking forward for your new photos...=)
Juliogioping's avatar
owwww I see...
So that's why it's called J-pop
My eyes have been opened
Must it try sometimes

I like it.....
metamorphazised's avatar
Watashiwa-Coud-San's avatar
I like this one. . .

very out-of-the-ordinary, yet popular. . .

plus, your very beautiful. . !


There is no shortcut to any destionation worth going to!

I think therefore I am NOT You!
saeyon's avatar
purple hair rocks ;)
kaIRuPiano's avatar
The wig looks messy~! LoL. But I love it~!
Brisneko's avatar
You kind of look like Kana, but with purple hair ;)
You're beautiful ^-^
singerbaby93's avatar
Alodia you are so beautiful!! I am so Jealous.. :P Any way, I love your pictures/slumberdoll's pictures! They are simply amazing. And to tell you the truth I am very jealous that you can actually pull of that many different hair colors/styles!!

Well keep up the good work,

Escafa's avatar
Purple hair is awesome. :)

\m/ \m/
Lu-Ka's avatar
RaspberryJelly's avatar
Awwwwww , i soooooooooooo adore that picture .. so cute ^_^
FlamelessNight's avatar
Very lovely, I love how the blue eyes stand out aganst the purple hair ^^
hpola's avatar
wow what camera did you use?
slumberdoll's avatar
I use a Canon 350D. :)
*is the photographer*
Senkyoka's avatar
are your eyes really blue? wow that's entrancing
palewyntergirl's avatar
Yay for Jpop Idolism<3
dylanliwanag's avatar
wow. nice pic. Friggin nice color for hair. :)
nataszek's avatar look so sweet here^^
This is your oryginal colour of eyes? O_o
sakurimake's avatar
Uaahhh so happyyyy n__n so cute
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