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I'll be Home for Christmas
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Merry Christmas to everyone!
*spread the love*

:bulletred: Christmas Costume Party :bulletred:

PS: That's my real hair! (I fixed it up myself.) :p
PPS: This is an actual photo. Not a photomanip..:p
PPPS: Why is there no camera? Because this is a magic mirror!

Model: (me) Alodia Gosiengfiao *blackmage9
Photographer: Mark Gosingtian ~fade319
Location: Erica Herrera's House

(C) :iconblackmage9: :iconfade319:
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Comments (201)
estrellai's avatar
estrellai|Student General Artist
oh its.. where are the camera?? o.O
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MissSera's avatar
nice pic reminds me of snow-white
and i think i know how u does that pic
the mirror is no mirror it is actually a window
am i right?
Reply  ·  
Toph43's avatar
i think i see the camera...:) hehe!
Reply  ·  
pupujussi's avatar
pupujussi| Photographer
this is really nice :)
Reply  ·  
DJ-OMZ's avatar
Is the mirror showing the prettiest girl alive or is it just you ?
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KamiMotoNajiRei's avatar
are you like on the other side of the mirror? like, its not a mirror? its a hole?
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KataniKEN's avatar
ay ay miss capitan! *salute* cute pic! =]
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vickstahs's avatar
i think i can see the light from the camera flash faarr away in the mirror.. is it? :P lols
Reply  ·  
Rahne-Face's avatar
is the mirror really a hole in the wall?
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darksage29's avatar
darksage29|Hobbyist General Artist
kind of wondering if this has something to do with angle of incidence/reflection. :XD: Was experimenting about that earlier this morning...

(sorry for the random re-comment, this just popped up as my random fave, and I haven't seen this in a year or so).
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xioncat's avatar
wow, it's nice and so cute
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Toph43's avatar
im still trying to figure out how you took that picture....-stares-
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juanamat's avatar
juanamat|Professional General Artist
panu yung trick na yun??

no cam?? how??
Reply  ·  
basimaru's avatar
basimaru|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I look at this pic from time to time, and I'm still wondering where the damn camera is.
Reply  ·  
cutiekidd's avatar
cutiekidd|Professional General Artist
:O What a beautiful mirror!
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ChloroformPerfum's avatar
it's somehow pretty funny but again beautiful !
Reply  ·  
KeganSlayer's avatar
very beautyful.. but there are normal ears here.. you said the other ones were real.....
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Arthemis-Pink's avatar
Arthemis-Pink|Hobbyist General Artist
wah, this is cute. . . .:heart:
this is not a photo manip, right?
The circle thingie behind your back must be the camera :P
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wesTShane's avatar
You look like Cinderella in this picture!
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iam-Idiosyncratic's avatar
iam-Idiosyncratic|Professional Interface Designer
Haha I'm pretty sure I spot the camera too, that isn't the white light in the back :P but I would't have seen it if I haven't read that someone found it.
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tissy73's avatar
LOVE your corset!!!!!!! D:D

and i guesse I can see a camera there :P but it is not very perceptible, so do not worry ^^

You are a great model. You look awesome in all (and I mean ALL) the photos :D

Good luck and thanks for showing us your great work :D
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newtone's avatar
really nice effect and well done!
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Tintinity's avatar
It's like a game of spot the camera.

Or the glowing white thing, or something.
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anonymous's avatar
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