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“The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze.
-Gustav Adolfo Becquer”

This is our very good friend Mia ~miawchy09! She's a great ramp/commercial model and she's only 14!

BTW, *orangeish's shots from this setwill be showcased in an exhibition.
REDEFINE| October 5-9 | MVP Roofdeck, Ateneo de Manila University
Opening night's on the 5th, at 6PM. Everyone who's in the Philippines by then is invited to come!
The team behind this set will be there!

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Concept & Photographer: Ashley Gosiengfiao *orangeish
Makeup: Alodia Gosiengfiao (me)
Models: Mia Marquez ~miawchy09 & Mike Rabat
Project Manager: Gab Aguila
Lighting Assistants: Miguel Rabat & Jobim Javier

© 2009
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Ovton's avatar
aaawwww! kiss!!
miawchy09's avatar
woooshhooooo thanks thanks everyone!!!

lovely! which lens did you use??
becca-chan-x's avatar
gawsh, she's absolutely gorgeous. :o
Toruu's avatar
14?!?! naaa, i'm fourteen, and she's way prettier! Sad though, she looks like she's been shoved into fame to early, or made to grow up fast. She looks mature for her age.
xxemir89xx's avatar
14...damn. At least I'm not the only one that thinks she's heart stoppingly beautiful.
shion0147's avatar
She's 14?!! That's a shock. I thought she was 20+. She's pretty :D
lightwaveuser's avatar
so pretty love her eyes
Soul-of-A-Tiger's avatar
14? Wow :D
Also, where does she come from?
missregret's avatar
she kinda looks like Michelle Branch 'cause of her eyes. :) Gorgeous, indeed!
Reskiy's avatar
Lovely portrait! :D Great eyes! And I can't believe she's just fourteen! Haha! :XD:
Kebarzivo's avatar
Great shot, beautiful face.
ken261's avatar
she is very pretty. definitely looks older than 14.

her eyes have a cat-like appearance in the photo.
most likely a reflection, but looks really cool.
101nika101's avatar
she looks like ashley..^^
OhJolly's avatar
Great shot and pretty subject! ^^
kibasstoryofagirl's avatar
Their all beautiful, I think I have someone new to watch<3.
hAKAMgUNES's avatar
Laneovoir's avatar
wow....only 14????....wew...
femketje's avatar
visque01's avatar
very lovely. she has a softness about her looks that is very warm. nice photo.
annuchan's avatar
Wow. She looks older than me and I'm 21. I feel kinda sad... lol But nice shot~~ Love her eyes.
XxUnsightfulxX's avatar
Wow 14!? XD Stunning and gorgeous~
CYCOB's avatar
nice dark brown eyes:nod:
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