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Dream World

Dream World

Shot with the super awesome & lovely `zemotion during our visit to Singapore!! :heart:

Photography: Zhang Jingna `zemotion
Model: Alodia Gosiengfiao *blackmage9
Assistant: Dawn Poh

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© ( Facebook | Twitter )
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It is nice in this photo is also good feeling.
Gojilion91's avatar
:) Great picture!
Timmey007's avatar
You are beautifull and cute!!!!!!!!
Mangjoaquin's avatar
 I love you <33
fox71's avatar
very nice but those big contacts are gonna spoil your eyes if you wear them too often
DrChipMunk's avatar
izzitreallyart's avatar
there IZ a god . . .
badene's avatar
i really love you ms. alodia...
imayknowtoomuch's avatar
kinda remember the drawing...
imayknowtoomuch's avatar
I kinda remember the drawing...
bloodyhellhayden's avatar
You are so beautiful!!
rcf1985's avatar
eizu's avatar
omg! photography by `zemotion??? You're so awesome!!!!
I love your face here! So beautiful.
mpolislipfish's avatar
im in love!! you are too gorgeous. ganda mo talaga! parang anghel
mpolislipfish's avatar
im in love!!! beautiful, simply beautiful. ganda mo talaga!
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You are so very lovely. :)
CiroLopes's avatar
beautiful! Extremely beautiful!
marcozaulo's avatar
zemotion really did took a photo of you. must have more of this
LMJCreations's avatar
You Are Beautiful
YuCarrie's avatar
You are so cute! And you're eyes... mmm... so sweet!
Nils-Iver's avatar
I'd be surprised if she looked just like that without all the makeup and lighting.
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