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Death Note: The Movie Poster

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Death Note Shoot Part I
Death Note Shoot Part II

I love how surreal this photo came out even if it was taken somewhere along the corridors inside an old church, San Agustin Church. It is the oldest church here in our country, the Philippines.

Anyway, kidding about the title! But then again, it would be really cool if we could do a fan movie sometime soon. :-p

Models (Left to Right):
Alodia Gosiengfiao *blackmage9 (me) as Misa Amane,
Ashley Gosiengfiao *orangeish as Mello,
Cris Si *Crissey as Near,
Jan Gabriel Caparas ~batella as Light Yagami,
Diego Manansala ~undyingfenix as Ryuk, and
Rick Lo ~skullpion as L

Photo by : Tricia Gosingtian *slumberdoll
Edited by : Tricia and I

Death Note Group Cosplay Members:
~batella as Light Yagami
~skullpion as L
*blackmage9 as Misa Amane
*orangeish as Mello
*Crissey as Near
~undyingfenix as Ryuk
*slumberdoll as Photographer
~pilya as Assistant Photographer
~fade319 as the Director
~Tinik as Chaperone
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dogman0Hobbyist Filmographer
Still better then Netflix
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Netflix should have hired this guy to play L... damn it...
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Mes 20 photos intimes et 1 vidéo ici kayfuyte!
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Looks better than the live action Netflix special lol
Nettorin's avatar
Near shouldn't be standing!
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Usagi-Atemu-TomHobbyist Photographer
I like very much how the characters are arranged in this one and how each of them poses, it fits their roles very well.

Hiroshi-Riku-sama's avatar
Hiroshi-Riku-samaStudent General Artist
L looks like me on a daily basis.
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Taiga-55Hobbyist Photographer
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daamdodoHobbyist General Artist
Yagami looks like Ukwon
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Terribly sorry about this D:

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LouiseDemiseHobbyist Digital Artist
How mature...
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wolfrider2002Student Traditional Artist
love misa 
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LawleighetteHobbyist General Artist
In my opinion, the best cosplay here is L. ^_^ I have to say, I don't like how Ryuk looks like.
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MiddyMidzHobbyist Artist
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LawleighetteHobbyist General Artist
Thumbs up okay 
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Chr15t1n3Student General Artist
I agree
Lawleighette's avatar
LawleighetteHobbyist General Artist
^_^ Thanks.
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SupasayajinHobbyist Digital Artist
Brilliant stuff!!
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thesaphira2000Hobbyist General Artist
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TawnyblossomHobbyist General Artist
Wow,L looks great and realistict :oo
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If these characters were a bit taller, this would be the perfect scene @@
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