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Death Note: The Movie Poster



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I love how surreal this photo came out even if it was taken somewhere along the corridors inside an old church, San Agustin Church. It is the oldest church here in our country, the Philippines.

Anyway, kidding about the title! But then again, it would be really cool if we could do a fan movie sometime soon. :-p

Models (Left to Right):
Alodia Gosiengfiao *blackmage9 (me) as Misa Amane,
Ashley Gosiengfiao *orangeish as Mello,
Cris Si *Crissey as Near,
Jan Gabriel Caparas ~batella as Light Yagami,
Diego Manansala ~undyingfenix as Ryuk, and
Rick Lo ~skullpion as L

Photo by : Tricia Gosingtian *slumberdoll
Edited by : Tricia and I

Death Note Group Cosplay Members:
~batella as Light Yagami
~skullpion as L
*blackmage9 as Misa Amane
*orangeish as Mello
*Crissey as Near
~undyingfenix as Ryuk
*slumberdoll as Photographer
~pilya as Assistant Photographer
~fade319 as the Director
~Tinik as Chaperone
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Love Misa's outfit 😍