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Death Note: 2nd Kira

""What a wonderful way to kill..."
-Misa Amane (Chapter 27)

Models : Alodia Gosiengfiao *blackmage9 as Misa Amane
Photo by : Tricia Gosingtian *slumberdoll
Edited by : Me and Tricia

Group :
-Batella as Light Yagami
~skullpion as L
*blackmage9 as Misa Amane
~orangeish as Mello
*Crissey as Near
-Diego as Ryuk
*slumberdoll as Photographer
~pilya as Assistant Photographer
*fade319 as the Director
~Tinik as Chaperone
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PCamenzind's avatar
Awesome cosplay!
IwasawaAsami's avatar
Kill me now Misa~! I'm so inlove with you :3 <3
Blustreak42's avatar
Is that death note real?! OMG! I'm scared! DX DX DX DX DX
Exotixa's avatar
i have to admit.....very well done. im jealous of her beauty
GuitarGirl99f's avatar
This is amazing..
Sweet-Malfoy's avatar
soooo beautiful! brilliant job you did!>v<
ice-rockz's avatar
you look so amazing as misa beauitful shot as well!!kawaii!
melancholia07's avatar
still stunning >w<
Mirrei's avatar
You make a perfect Misa!
littlemissz's avatar
really impressive-its incredible :)
ZuZuFarron21's avatar
The Eyes...
They're Amazing :D
Darknessvtex's avatar
Darknessvtex's avatar
ur cuuuuuute chuuuu
AsukaKei's avatar
aww..she looks so beautiful!!
kuchifaith97's avatar
can i see the full view of your costume?
Fillyjonka's avatar
I'm not really into cosplay but this one is absolutely lovely! Well done
didi-girl-13's avatar
awsome, one of teh few very good costplays !!!!
Sadnezz's avatar
TheCassyWassy's avatar
Wow, She looks awesome,
syahilla's avatar
Very sexy^^
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