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DN: Gods of the New World

Death Note Shoot Part I
Death Note Shoot Part II

"I'm going to be the God of that new world, and you will be the Goddess."
-Yagami Raito (Chapter 88)

Models : Alodia Gosiengfiao *blackmage9 as Misa Amane and Jan Gabriel "Batella" Caparas as Light Yagami
Photo by : Tricia Gosingtian *slumberdoll
Edited by : Alodia

Group :
~batella as Light Yagami
~skullpion as L
*blackmage9 as Misa Amane
~orangeish as Mello
*Crissey as Near
~undyingfenix as Ryuk
*slumberdoll as Photographer
~pilya as Assistant Photographer
*fade319 as Chaperone
~Tinik as Chaperone
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Now that's the Light and Misa I wanted to see in the new Death Note film!
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You guys are amazing! I'm jealous!
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Ang ganda na talaga sana eh... Alodia is a perfect Misa ^_^
But the one who cosplay's Light Yagami is a totally fail!
haha parang kulang sa yosi hehehe
bloodyhellhayden's avatar
Misa is perfect!! Great job!
Atnica's avatar
Your perfect as Misa!
hellomanda's avatar
There are no words to describe this...
Perfling's avatar
The Misa is spot-on :D
llHimeSamall's avatar
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i am really fan of those models for portraying perfect characters. like the looks of misa.
DreamingTenshi's avatar
Why does Raito and Light look so much the same? ><
lostgirl111's avatar
Misa Looks awesome in this :D
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Nice! Great cosplay, esp with Misa!
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hi both of u soooooo cute!!!
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I have an art assignment that I have to do. It is a requirement to get permission from artists about copyrighted work.
(So I don't get expelled. XD)

Can I use this photograph? We have to reinterpret the original image while staying true to the original layout.
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