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“Flexibility makes buildings to be stronger, imagine what it can do to your soul.”
― Carlos Barrio

:new: My toy/doll/figure collection! :heart:

Hmm... I think being in the cheerleading team back in high school helped me get to this pose without hurting myself...

I've been collecting dolls for about 7 years. Most of them are tucked away in their boxes though. My first doll (which is, yes, 7 years old) would be the one I held up in the photo.

Model: Alodia Gosiengfiao / *BlackMageAlodia (me)
Photo: Manny Librodo
HMUA/Stylist: Barbara Bennett
Location: Fernwood Gardens

Dream of Doll Shall, Volks Dollfie Dream Saber Lily, Volks Dollfie Dream Sister Ms. Mariko

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Comments (158)
Anubis-luv's avatar
157. i win teh babylon. if she'd just tell me how to materialise her. i suppose that would ruin the fun. i will have to find a way myself. so so close, yet so far. i need an embrace.
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PsychoPath10's avatar
I didn't quite understand.
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wdonovan1|Hobbyist Photographer
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poppychan26|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi Alodia. Can I ask a question? How do you take care of your BJD dolls? I'm getting my very own first BJD dolls this april when my family and I get to japan. And was wondering how to take good care of your own BJD dolls,(I'm from the philippines by the way. ^_^). 
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mxs12345's avatar
woahhh xDD ahahahahahha xDD
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Ari-Heart-Matsuri's avatar
Ari-Heart-Matsuri|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
All so beautiful! How much do the cheapest (but still pretty) ball jointed dolls cost? I really want one, but I don't have 400+ dollars, so... any advice?
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TheStoryTellerMaiden's avatar
You definitely deserved the DD. This is an AMAZING photo. And you are as gorgeous as a doll, yourself! :D 
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msbellina|Hobbyist General Artist
:happybounce:  soooooo niceeee! Love 
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DaikiniSan's avatar
DaikiniSan|Hobbyist Photographer
That is amazing!  :D  Plus I love the quote.  :iconcoolplz:
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SonicMasterHero's avatar
:evillaugh: Welcome to your own doll's collection. Now YOU will be the TOY of YOUR DOLLS! XD
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jellyka-chan's avatar
jellyka-chan|Hobbyist General Artist
WOW! I love to dress like a doll - But you seem so natural at it...
I still have a hard time to get into character - I think mostly because I didn't choose the costume - A lady makes it for me to wear "for her" to do cosplays in the poor neighboring projects...

Please! Could you give me tips how I could more "conduct" myself like a doll? (I could show you my costume, so maybe you could give me tips to that particular dolly... And I know you must be so busy, but it would mean the world to me!)
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VIKINKG's avatar
VIKINKG|Hobbyist General Artist
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mademosiellekaye's avatar
mademosiellekaye|Student Filmographer
wow! It's cool. I like this photo. Nice one Alodia :)  ♥ ♥ 
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Helljohnn's avatar
LOVEEEE love lovely yehaaa 
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gejm's avatar
I'd love to see more photos of you and your dolls together ♥
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iDreaminColor14|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow, this is amazing!
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chengxhiie|Student General Artist
very cute . you really look like a doll :)
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AKiseKurokoLovesAles's avatar
AKiseKurokoLovesAles|Hobbyist General Artist
How cute!
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MsGaara37|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nice! super :D
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nice love you alodia♥♥♥!!!
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ashbet's avatar
INCREDIBLE!!! I love your concept, your creativity, and the composition/clothing/makeup/execution -- beautiful image!
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snappysan|Student Artist
oh wow! Great photo, i love this!!
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