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Auction Closed: Alodia Doll

Based on this.

This auction is closed! :3 Thank you!
Congratz to tsukurimashou!! :3

Made with love by me. <3 I also designed and crafted the box.
My official logo is on the back of the box and light
shines through it. :o I only found that out after I already
made the box. Haha! And yeah, it wont break easily because it
has a wire skeletal frame within it. It's hard to let go of this
piece because photos don't do justice to it. It looks so much
cuter and shiney in person!

Auction Contents:
-4.5 inches tall
-Comes with the special box and picture card.
-Made with Sculpey.
-Has wire framing within.
-Glossed. (4 Layers)
-Only one set.
-Can be signed by me if requested by the winner.

Starting Bid: only P500 / $12.35
Ending time: Feb 8, Friday, 11:59pm; HK time zone

International and local bidders are welcome.
For more info please read my journal.

Thank you!

PS: If you think that this is a form of vanity, I hope that you guys would understand. I'd really love to make dolls out of my favorite anime and video game characters. But doing so and selling them for profit would be unfair to their creators. And I might get sued for that. :) *peace*

Current bid:
P550 - ronaldguanzon
P600 - hacth
P800 - strangersheart
P850 - rarivera78
P900 - strangersheart
P1215/$30 - mikeabundo
P1500 - tsukurimashou *guy who commissioned this*
P1620/$40 - mikeabundo
P3000 - tsukurimashou
P3500 - juan1666
P5000 - tsukurimashou
P5500 - blizzaro
P6500 - tsukurimashou
P7000 - rawrage
P8000 - tsukurimashou
P9000 - rawrage
P10,000 - tsukurimashou
P10,300 - strangeheart
P11,000 - tsukurimashou
P11,300 / USD278.03 - bid by bylizettelee for berrymartinee
P12,000 / USD 297.33 - tsukurimashou

Please do not bid if you aren't serious about it. Thank you!
Increments should be by at least P250.
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a strategy how to increase the bid? use some dummy....some person u knew bids higher when the targeted bidder go for the bait...i don't think alodia would do's just pipol want her so much that bids like crazy jz to be with her or even have her and have some of her stuff...
vanes2's avatar reached 12000~!!
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I'm really really shock that someone actually bid that much on it. No offense but daang you can buy like.. a psp with that money. lol
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wtf lol lol lol wahahahahaahhaahhahahahhaah
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I find it extremely coincidental that your doll looks a lot like my representation of you. I'm faving this for that reason.
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What kind of sculpey is that Alodia-san?


saan po kayu naka-bili ng sculpey?
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oh my, that's a hella worthy doll :) congrats!
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oohhh you should auction another one!!! i wants eeeetttt...:D
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nice nice :D
btw, where the heck could you buy Sculpey?
do i say "Sculpey" over the counter? XD haha
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I like the expression on her face.

I can't believe it selled for 12k. O_O
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everything is so amazing :0

did you make the font or you can DL it form somewhere??
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Wow that's so cool! Too bad I didn't hear of it earlier :D
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Wow o.O;
12k thats seriously...nevermind
Popularity can really pull something simple up to the heavens eh
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