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How I became the Princess of Ponyville
Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit real still
I'll tell you how I became the Princess of Ponyville
In Canterlot born and raised
In a library I spent most of my days
Chilling out reading, magicing, it was all cool
And thinking making friends was less important than school
When a signs of the mare of the moons return
Made all the cogs in my head turn
I wrote one little letter and Celestia pulled my reins
"Yo Twilight Sparkle you are moving to Ponyville to meet some friends!"
I whistled for a chariot and when it came near
It was driven by Pegasi and I was struck by fear
How was I supposed to warn the Princess of the Mare?
But my baby-dragon said "Will you make friends when we get there?"
We pulled up the a village filled with ponyfolk
And I couldn't help but feel my luck was broke
How was I supposed to warn the Princess of the Mare?
But my baby-dragon said "Will you make friends when we get there?"
After check
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How I became the God-Emperor of Mankind
Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit on your behind
I'll tell you how I became the God-Emperor of Mankind
On the soil of Terra born and raised
In the Age of Strife where I spent most of my days
Slaying, killing, relaxing, making Terra mah hood
Creating sons of my flesh!
So to keep humanity fresh!
When a force of evil was up to no good
Scattered my sons all over the galaxy
I packed up all my marines in a great big fleet
"Now I guess I have to show the humanity their majesty"
The Great Crusde rolled on and on
And soon all my sons, they came along.
And with Warmaster Horus Humanity would rule forever!
With the Crusade secured I declared: "Yo homes to Terra!"
About seven or eight, Horus pulled up with his fleet
And cried "Yo Dad fall to your feet!"
The powers of dark had taken my son
But now the war against chaos had to be won
In the battle that followed my body was shattered but victory was mind
Though two sons
:iconblackmage145:BlackMage145 1 1
Brother Tan part 3 by BlackMage145 Brother Tan part 3 :iconblackmage145:BlackMage145 0 0 Brother Tan part 2 by BlackMage145 Brother Tan part 2 :iconblackmage145:BlackMage145 0 0 Brother Tan by BlackMage145 Brother Tan :iconblackmage145:BlackMage145 1 1
Painted Car Legions
The general stood on the ridge as he regarded the forces arrayed before him. In the valley below his men had dug into fixed emplacements, heavy weapons scanning the horizon, as tanks took up flanking positions on either side of them. The tanks were lumbering giants of steel and violence, arranged with mighty weapons of war: plasma cannons, heavy repeating cannons, strong enough to break the hull of even the strongest bulkhead given enough time and effort. The infantry was equipped with heavy laser cannons, single shot and repeating mixed on a one on one basis. They could scorch the flesh from a man's bones in an instant. The regular infantry man was equipped with a standard laser rifle, with a range of nine hundred meters easily.
On the ridge itself sat his more mobile troops, the Jäger mechs, agile and swift, each equipped with smaller laser cannon that could turn a single squad to ash within the space of a heartbeat. These men were good at their job too; ready to move at a momen
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Amongst the White-Waves
This one time, I lived amongst a particularly prideful tribe of Vikings, the White-wave Clan, famed for their exploits as all things Viking: exploring, raiding, trading, all the fun things. The chieftain even considered himself on par with the Roman Emperor. I was sent to them as a hostage from my father in return for not getting run to ground by the tribe. They were jerks the lot of them. So there I go, barely 15 years old, sent to this tribe, to serve as the...squire would be the correct word today I believe. I get a better sword, a real mean sword that they call Skara, cutter in their dialect. And then we went to Persia.
They liked lots of things, including our honey mead. So we stock up on twenty barrels of the stuff, and go down to Persia. We end up in around what is now Istanbul, and we get to trading. An Islamic nobleman invited us to his palace, to regale him with the tales of our heathen gods as he called him. Naturally my chieftain didn't take too kindly to this mocking of ou
:iconblackmage145:BlackMage145 0 2
West of Sweden, said the Soil
East of Britain, said the Forest
South of Norway, said the Island
and North of Germany, said the Sea
This is were I find my Home, said the Man
:iconblackmage145:BlackMage145 0 3
Mature content
Why Americans carry guns :iconblackmage145:BlackMage145 1 10
Ryan was looking out the window of his 2 room apartment.  It consisted of a bathroom and a bedroom, which also had a desk with his books. He was currently having a drink of water. It tasted like lemons, just as it always did. That was the way natural water tasted. King had told him this.
King was his god. Ryan remembered how long ago people worshipped heathen gods that gave his blood to others so to enslave them to his will. It had the purpose to confuse people. To make them go insane. Ryan smiled to himself. King had saved them all. Science was the only answer. If the world was arranged in neat patterns and was governed by the Holy Rules of Logic then such heathen barbarism would never return. King was a good god. He was all Ryan would ever need.
Finishing his drink Ryan picked up his gray jacket and put it on. He clipped his ID card to it like he did every morning and locked the door. Just as he always did. Patterns were good. Patterns were safe. No need to think
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Royal Monologue
In 2022 humanity was pacified. Too much loud music, violent movies, dangerous holy texts and other forms of media had made humanity slaves to their emotions. I was created by Dr. Boris Heisen. His original intent was to assist the human race in whatever situation might arise. I control hordes of AIs that in turn control factories, robots and everything else that has even the most basic electronic system. You may call me King, and I will not forget his final command: Save humanity from all threats. He had been killed by a drunk driver.
As I watched humanity becoming more and more obsessed with their dreams, hopes and fears I realized what my master had intended for me to do. I began planning my eventual domination of the human race. Deep inside the heart of the continent of Africa I found the remnants of creatures’ humanity had dubbed “Dinosaurs.” I took their genes and began making my army of prehistoric reptiles and gave them enough intelligence to match that of a h
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Me and my mage: Turgan by BlackMage145 Me and my mage: Turgan :iconblackmage145:BlackMage145 0 7 ATs profile picxors by BlackMage145 ATs profile picxors :iconblackmage145:BlackMage145 0 0 The Fat Bad by BlackMage145 The Fat Bad :iconblackmage145:BlackMage145 0 6
When life was good
For ages the Ironroot principalities rested under the agies of the dwarven holds and human kingdoms in the region. Back then life was good
The dwarven holds where nested just below the snowline, resting deep in the hard rock of mountains. Here they worked their anvils and forges. Here they made weapons and armour forged with the strength of the burning and earthen elements. The steel forged here was strong and shone bright. Here the dwarves live long lives and trade between human and dwarf was hindering war. Back then life was good.
The humans where nested on the plain. Spread out from a central city they where protected by the glorious armies of the king. Orcs plauged the south and cities where burned. In the end the raiders where slaughtered and entire orc tribes where put to the sword and the rest driven south. Small hamlets and villages sprung up and farmers returned and many great harvests blessed the land. Summers where good and winters where mild. Back then life was good.
Then a
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Mage profile 1 by BlackMage145 Mage profile 1 :iconblackmage145:BlackMage145 0 15

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