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Scared Derpy

By Blackm3sh
This is Derpy as sad/scared. I guess I really wanted to see Derpy like that, very adorable yet I feel a bit sorry for drawing her like that.

I used it for making "Derpy Night" as seen here [link]
I originally wasn't gonna add a background, but I just felt a dark night with the moon shining or something when I saw it.
I also had some other ideas, but I choose that one.
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© 2011 - 2021 Blackm3sh
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whodatninja9386020's avatar
*hugs derpy and holds on to her*its ok derpy.i am here to protect you.*cocks a shot gun*
no one is going to hurt you or change you.......ever....
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Tokiogirl21's avatar
:iconsadderpyplz:: I don't wanna go!
TheRealSilentName's avatar
<font><font>"Don't tell me my muffin left. DON'T YOU TELL ME THAT, YOU BASTARD!"</font></font>
DiscordantPrincess's avatar
Who took my muffin?

OK, all joking aside, THIS IS TOO SAD! (hugs Derpy)
toonami108's avatar
dont cry your still in the background and you will all way be the best pony ever
pairmaker's avatar
ahahaha funny trick
Wait0wat's avatar
To show to show a soul.
To see to see a living being.
To see a being hell.
Genbe89's avatar
awwwwww *hugs her*
MyLittlePrimo's avatar
:iconsadplz:Aaaw, don't cry, Derpy.
cornycat's avatar
kidding this is really cool (but sad)
Wait0wat's avatar
Me: Everypony in this room has been associated with Derpy either through delivery or assisstance or various odd jobs she does around town for free or at most a dollar!
And I'm guessing 99% of you have either laughed in Derpy's face or ruthlessly made fun of her eyes, voice, clumsyness or reputaion when she wasn't looking!
But the next time you'd see her she'd still go out of her way to smile and wave at you and ask about your mother's operation or something like that because she unlike us, actually cares about somepony other than herself!
The reason I bring this up to you, Is because I was the worst offender......of all.

My life was simply going nowhere,Then a grey delivery pony rushed to my side
She should've gotten a great big thank you, Instead she got a scary mounatin ride.
I was such a shithead, But she'd never quit on me
Til' I told her she was useless......and his eyes were freaky.

Doctor: Once when we were watching Sunday football, a fuzzy screen was all that we could see
Derpy came over with a hanger...and spent the game on top of our TV.
And when the lightning struck her, she let out a wicked loud yell
But we just turned up the volume.....and ignored the burning smell
We should all rot in Hell!!!!!!

Another pony: I went to High School with Derpy! As a joke I told her to meet me at the prom
When she got there I said I can't beleive you though I was serious, So she ran home crying and baked some old noms!

Me: What a crushing blow to Derpy, I bet you wish you could take it back

Rainbow: How could yo all be so mean to Derpy
Seems to me like you are all on crack!

Applejack: Tonight Derpy was counting on this town to show that we care
But the first time she really needed us, we weren't there!

Applebloom: And on Christmas Eve and the last night of Chanukah!

Me: It's just not fair!

Bum biddy biddy biddy bum bum, bum biddy biddy biddy bum,
bum biddy biddy biddy bum bum, bum biddy biddy biddy bum, bumbiddy biddy biddy bum bum, bum biddy biddy biddy bum!-Eight Crazy nights-Bum biddy
FloofPuppy's avatar
Can I use this vector for a project? As long as I credit you?
ramalyn's avatar
Here's a link to look at! [link]
CallmeMH's avatar
Made a wallpaper with this vector
midas000touch's avatar
We're right behind you, Derpy!
midas000touch's avatar
I'm not gonna add this to my Favs., only because I prefer seeing Derpy *happy*.
xXMaishaXx's avatar
I hope you don't mind, I used this here [link]
JiMMY--CHaN's avatar
Helloo there! Great Vector! She looks great!
I was just wondering if I could use her in a project of mine? I still don't know if I even have any plans but I'd just like to get permission before I get thinking :)
Applejack85's avatar
I will hug you and give you muffins and hug you even more intil you stopp crying and get a smile again.

I love Derpy ahhhhhhhhhhh .

Nice pic .

i cant stand when she is crying. HUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
BritishMindslave's avatar
Just wondering if you gave this person permission for this here: [link]
Although they credit you, I don't know if they asked you.
Ryugaknight's avatar
Poor Derpy *hugs* let's go get muffins, ok?
magimotion's avatar
Aahh! Don't be scared Derpy I'll protect you...
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