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Princess Celestia

By Blackm3sh
Princess Celestia alone as requested by :iconeurobeatbrony:

Original [link]
The cover [link]
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May I copy this and use this on a meme for Cheezburger? I promise I will credit you if you do.
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I love Princess Celestia. She's my favorite character outside the Mane Six.
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can i use this for a picture im making? ill give you gredit of course
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The1stMoyatia's avatar
This looks very original.
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AFoxCalledAkaio's avatar
royal plot is best plot
Silverlegends's avatar
I'm a curious fan...

I do like to use her nicknames (:icontrollestiaplz: and :iconmolestiaplz:) but I do like her as well. Without her we wouldn't have such fun moments.
oldcat8's avatar
Awwww, nice and pretty, just as the way she is!
fine10's avatar
Yeah! I like how you dont call her Trollestia
oldcat8's avatar
teah, she trolls no one.
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Hey, I added you as a friend on my 3DS, if that's okay with you. So hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my friend code, so add me maybe?

3DS: 3523-2689-9844
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I love her. She's so beautiful and kind. I really wish people would stop trolling on her. She's really isn't that bad at all.
fine10's avatar
YOUR so nice!
WanderSong's avatar
Aww! Well,thank you. :aww:
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She is always shiny. :D
NezumiYuki's avatar
100% Pure Awesome Sauce! =D
ixistyler's avatar
One thing that freaks me out is that her main flows through the breeze, EVEN WHEN THERE'S NO WIND !!!
MrFugums's avatar
Freaking finally! Been looking for a good vector of Trollestia in a standard position!
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