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This is Owlowiscious, the owl from episode 24.

[Update] Changed the name as many told me it was Aloysius, so ok.

[Update] His name is apparently Owlowiscious :O
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Pretty sure his name was originally intended to be Owloysius (a pun of owl and Aloysius), but due to the frequent use of "Owlowiscious", that one was simply adopted as the new name. Apparently, in production of TV shows, there are many occurences of things being transmitted either based on sound only when it should be written (like here), or the other way around, leading to misinterpretation. (Whenever you hear a dubbed voice say something with the wrong emphasis for the given context, it's a case of the voice actor having been given nothing but lines to say.)

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Awww :aww: he's so cute!
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This is my anti-jealousy owl.
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Owlowiscious is bestowiscious.

I hope that he makes a return for season 2, even if he's only occasionally seen in the background. If he ends up just being a one off character, I'll be sad.
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Sorry to break the news but now its spelled Owlowiscious it was stated by Lauren Faust.
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Could you please point me to the screen-cap of the comment itself? Personally people have been telling me, including you, that it is Aloysius include someone at the FiM had a version with subtitle which said it was Aloysius. So I guess I find it hard to take your word alone for it. But I wish Lauren and her gang could just state stuff like this earlier...
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yeah Lauren had just mention this about two days ago.
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Again, could you refer me to it?
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Link to a screencap of Lauren spelling the owl's blasted name.

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:O really?
Well if she says so-
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Why do I always hear the name as a combination of ''Owl'' and ''Delicous''. :iconfacehoofplz:
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never thought of Aloysius to be cute, always thought he'd be like Owl from winnie the pooh plus glasses
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I was kind of wondering about the name too until the official FIM wiki said it. :) that's ver good. And good strokes too.
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Thats funny I'm about to draw him too!!But I think I'm gonna suck at drawing him.

OH I don't mean to be rude but his name is spelled Aloysius not Owllicious^v^
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I believe this is the first character on the show, that I acually hate. I love everyone else, just not that fucking owl.
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The name is a play on "Aloysius", so I believe it's probably "Owloysius"
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I'd assume it's Aloysius. He's awesome. I hope they carry him over into future episodes.
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I think it's Owlawishes. Or something like that XD
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