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ComicCon Celestia

By Blackm3sh
I finally finished this thing...
It's Celestia from the ComicCon poster.
And thanks to all who were present under the live-stream.

Here's a .psd for those who requested it.

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© 2011 - 2021 Blackm3sh
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I used it here!

Koden Skyrim Universe

Beautiful work of Celestia!!

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Beautiful! May I use this on a tea tin please? I'll credit you of course 
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Can you make this specific vector without garb on? :3
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muy good celestia is so beautiful :D
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this person used your vector and did not give you credit.
they also edited the image.
i did the whole over lay thing in photo shop and its pretty much the same minus the hair and eyes and accessories!
they are also claiming they drew it.
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I lolololllololol yr pony
IrdinaHaiza's avatar sister requested this as a base,so may I use?
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This vector was used and credited here: [link]
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she's beautiful.
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She looks so beautiful!
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*saves ten times till screen explodes with awesomesauceness*DAMMNIT XD
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The .psd link doesn't work, just thought I should let you know.
CureLovelyWarrior's avatar
its broken for me too :(
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Same here, the link loads but the file has been deleted from Mediafire :(
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So shiny! Good job!
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:iconprincesscelestiaplz: :iconsaysplz: I WOULD have used my wings to get around quicker in the building, but then too many people would catch onto me being the real thing and start stalking me. Plus, I think there are rules prohibiting flight in the area at all times.
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