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BlackM3sh's Tutorial to Vector (old)

This is a tutorial on how I vector ponies in Photoshop. Even if you do it yourself it might serve some useful tips. But I have to say, it was really hard trying to put everything you know down like that. Probably forgot some :/

Final image:

Video making Spitfire: [link]
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How do I select and copy + Paste the leg? It always gets a white rectangle for me.
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If i may ask, where did you go to instal your Photoshop? I tryed to do a vector, but a few days after i posted it, someone wrote a commentary saying it wasn't a real vector, because the outline of a real vector usualy is pixelated, so now that i found a tutorial that shows me how to vector, i just need to know how i can find Photoshop so i can instal it to start making real vectors. GOD, this is tiring!I think I've fainted. 

 It's just that this is my first time, and also because i used a tutorial to make bases so i didn't really know. But i think it's mostly because i forgot to search for a tutorial for vector. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to let me know of my error so ican fix it! It's also good to know there is still pepole on DeviantArt that are still active!

A few minutes later...
Okay! So here's the thing: *Deep Breath* Asuna Deep Breath Icon 
1. I searched for a tutorial to make mlp vectors, and i realized that i don't have to right program to do it, because the program i used to make my Twilight not-really vector is a normal program that i don't really know how it's called.
2. I don't what the name of the program i need is, and even if i would, i don't where i have to go to instal it, or how to instal it.
3. I don't even know how to take screen-shots.

But i guess that's only a small price to pay when you start your artist career, even just on internet...I think I've fainted. 
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Here are tons of REAL VECTORS you can look at, and learn how to make them.


How real vector looks like when you select it:
How to make high quality vectors:
Inkscape vector tutorial:

You should really read all things under these links
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Photoshop isn't vector software, you can only use tool used in vectors, but finished images aren't real vectors.

Vectors are images, when they're scaled they don't loose quality.
And their file format is .svg
Not vectors file format is png, jpg, bmp, tiff...

The best real vector softwares are:

Inkscape (free)

Adobe Illustrator (paid)

Adobe Flash (paid, it's mostly for animation)
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I kept getting the shapes filling themselves in, I got it right the first time, so i've been copying the same layer ever since :iconfacehoofplz:
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thanks @_@ this helped in my vector studies
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me absolutely not clearly!
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But you know still VERY VERY GOOD
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Not very helpful when your drawing on paper...witch is what I thought this was for...:(
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Looks incredibly helpful, and I'm surely gonna try some of those things out sometimes!
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I'm really looking forward on learning how to make vectors but I don't the Apple Software, only the windows. Is there any other program that can be used on making vectors?
I heard there is Inkscape, but it doesn't seem to be useful once I downloaded it.
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This was done in Photoshop, which is also available for Windows. :)
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OH, ok. Thank you.
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Of course, the problem with Photoshop is that it'll still cost you an arm and a leg, but luckily there are many different alternatives. Like you said, Inkscape is a very nice free alternative to Illustrator. And for Photoshop, we have GIMP. The basic functions are the same, and both programs can produce amazing artwork if used correctly. All they differ from each other is a slighty modified control scheme. So download those, look up tutorials for them, and only when you are feeling limited by their performance, or require advanced options you could consider getting PS or Illustrator. :)

These artworks, for example are created by only using GIMP!
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Thank you for all that help. I'm very new to vectoring so first off, I'll start by downloading Inkscape. Hope its easy to use.
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Sure, I tinkered with it somewhat myself, and you can't do much wrong. An easy tutorial to start with is a step-by-step, that you can draw along by (at least, I find them easy).
Remember, curiosity can get you far, just try all the tools and see what you can do with them.
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Adobe Illustrator for Windows, I'm using that.
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when you make the victor it's look more best than the original :)
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Fuck you this shit doesn't fucking work.
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Maybe you just don't know how to use this.
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This tutorial is truly a godsend... I will be using it to make my avatar
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