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Dragon illustrated

One out of six style studies for school. The goal was to paint something you already were used to draw (in my case, dragons) and turn it into a childrensbook style + imitate a paint technique in Photoshop.

I tried to adapt Ingrid Godon's (famous flemish illustrator) style and technique, and mixed it with my own ideas. Picture made in Photoshop CS.

The coming days I will upload homework, and some fantasy/ manga pieces that should have been uploaded before. So stay tuned!

I'm currently holding a Twilight Princess contest!!! The grand prize is a MOBIBLU MP3 PLAYER! Smallest Mp3 player in the world!

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I love the style!!
wa-wa-wa-wa's avatar
it's so teeny tiny! ;_;
plexar37's avatar
Ack, so cute! I really like the style of this.
romancuta's avatar
Simple and beautiful! :)
Blacklotuscomic's avatar
Thank you for the compliment!
Skatora's avatar
AWWW!! This is by far the cutest thing I've ever seen!!
Scellanis's avatar
Hehehe, very cute!
red-finch's avatar
thats adorable, love the expression! great style :clap:
kanyiko's avatar
Quite something different - and cute! Quite love the style! ^_^
Kitty-Yasashii's avatar
Aww, this is adorable!
Flying-Dragon's avatar
Dragon! =3 love it
KatCardy's avatar
this is very cute!! it's interesting to see your work in a different style like this :)
LouPilou's avatar
This little dragoon is really cute ^^ Nice style
Ruthos's avatar
Awww <:3 Love it.
SongThread's avatar
BunnyWithFangs's avatar
that is the cutest dragon I have ever seen.. but besides that the color scheme along with the line quality give it a bit of a printmaking feel .. I really like it :) good luck on the home work!
fear-my-pencil's avatar
BluDrgn426's avatar
aww thats cute
buttermonster's avatar
Cool, the storybook feel is spot on, nice work!
FoamWoods's avatar
It is prefect and so cute I could eat him up! *chases after him*
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