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All My Broken Heartbeats,, Dedications
Video here:
First dedication, to the person who truly inspired the video itself: (copied+pasted from description//made it too long)
This is dedicated more specifically to one special person who has done more than he could ever imagine for me. He has changed me, and literally been able to make me smile, even if I had been sobbing three seconds before talking to him. He's made everything, literally /everything/ better for me, especially during all this nonsense and confusion with this friend of mine, and despite what this has…done to me, and how I'm different because of this situation that still affects me, more than a year later…there aren't words for my gratitude. He's kept me sane, he has been there for me, whenever I needed support, and he's been the only constant, the only person who didn't change because of what she's done to me. And…even though my feelings for him have changed from what they orig
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Call me Rose
United States
Yes, this is blacklolitarose from Youtube. And just so you know, I NEVER get on here so sorry if comments or messages are replied to very late. D:

Favourite genre of music: Alternative, or whatever goes with the video~
Favourite style of art: Anything that looks good is the best~
Favourite cartoon character: Rapunzel, unless you're a stupid american calling anime cartoon - Then it'd be Yuki Cross
Personal Quote: "The snow is beautiful on this Other Side."
STORY: This is the same story told in the Kingdom Hearts Movie Trailer, plus the continuation of the story.
---The Story is about:
Sora, Kairi, Riku, Roxas, and Namine.
The darkness. An entity beyond our understanding. It twists hearts and minds, forcing them into the side of evil. A power, and a presence. It's almost if it has a mind of it's own. But the Darkness did not magically appear in this world. It was created by a scientist who wished to unlock the power of people's hearts. In the end, he failed, and the darkness was born. Corrupting his heart as well..
Sora gets a strange feeling one day. It feels like something's coming toward him and his island. It turned out he was right. A power called The Darkness comes one night and Kairi and Riku disapear. They are each held captive by The Darkness. Sora loses sight of them as they disappear, and tears fill his eyes. But he stands up again, and goes to find them. Sora holds the power of light, but he knows it isn't strong enough. To defeat the darkness, he would have to use the darkness himself.
There was only one person who would be able to help him. Namine.
No one really knows who, or what Namine is. She seems to know everything, and her power is great. Sora asks her to grant him the power of darkness. But to be given such a thing, he would have to give something else in return. Namine doesn't want to. She asks Sora if he is sure about all this.
"I'm ready," he says. He isn't afraid. She nods.... She can see his mind is made up...

Now with the strengthe he needs, he goes to find his friends. One by one, he saves them from their captivity. And the whole time, he knows what will happen when he's done.
They all go back to the island, safe once more. However, it is time for Sora to seal the bargain. He is forced to give up his life. His soul is taken by the darkness, and he is forced to stay there forever, never passing on.
Namine knew this would happen, but there was nothing she could do. To wield the darkness, you must give up your life.
Kairi and Riku are left alone, crying for their friend. They know that it wasn't Namine who did this. It was the darkness. And The Darkness would never cease.  It had already destroyed so many worlds, and taken so many lives. They didn't know what they should do. How could they ever defeat something as powerfull as the darkness, and the one who wields it? The creator of the darkness...
Roxas. Another wielder of light who looks a lot like Sora.  
Roxas mourns the loss of the one he loves who died. He's never encountered the darkness. When the sadness and anguish feels like it will engulf him, a strange girl rescues him from his pain. Her name is Namine.
"Don't you want to know the truth?" she asks.
She begins to tell him about a power known as The Darkness. He is shocked to find out that this power took away the one he loved. But The Darkness is not the only evil out there. Becuase the darkness is being controlled by the one it first took over. Xehanort. He is the true enemy, and he must be stopped.
Namine also tells Roxas about Sora, the one he was connected to,  and his friends, Riku and Kairi. They aren't sure what to do next. And neither is Roxas... But it's time to decide...
Live in fear of the dark?
Or fight against it?
All Namine can do is watch and see what happens. She cannot meddle in the affairs of this world. And so she waits for the end to come.
It has been three years since they first encountered the darkness. After their island was taken, Riku and Kairi were held captive for two years untill Sora rescued them. And now, it has taken them a year to decide...
Kairi, Riku, and Roxas walk forward to meet their fate. To die or to take revenge. All they know is, The Darkness must be stopped.
The final battle is about to begin. As they wait in the field of keyblades, the enemy appears. Xehanort walks forward, but there is someone else with him.




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