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Hard Lomo Action

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Please credit me and send me a link to your deviation if used. Thanks!

Stocks here:……

EDIT: Wow, I didn't realize I had so many comments for this, I rarely get on this account. Don't know why people are/were asking me to send it to them. DL works fine for me. There was just a blip for a couple of days when I first uploaded.
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It looks awesome! Could you pls send to me : Thanks!

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puedes enviármelo por favor gracias
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can you please send to
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For those of you who want to download this but is unsure how to convert the .rar file to a .zip file which opens up the folder, I use keka to convert it and it helps me in a lot of things. Just thought I'd leave this here :D (Big Grin)  
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Pls send me too.....
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The Download button is on the right side.
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The file is a RAR archive.  Some users (Mac Users) may need unArchiver or unRar to actually get to action file.  

Maybe that's throwing some people off initially?
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hi Ya, pleas please share.
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please send me this beautiful action to
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Looks great!! could you please send to me
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How do I get these please and how much are they? Thanks Jo
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can you help me please,
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Could you please share them to me?, thank you, great job!
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Is it possible to get it? Please send it to Thanks!
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Great effect.  Love it in all the variations.
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Super cool! Can you please send at: !
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looks great, please send to me: 
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All effect are stunning...!! can u send me action at my email ID : -
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Is the DL link not working for for you or something? Because it works fine for me.
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these are lovely.   please send to me at your convenience.
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Very beautiful! please send me!!!   . Thank you
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