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This group serves as a hub for Contributors and Fans of writer Ian Struckhoff's (IanStruckhoff) personal imprint and indy comics anthology Black Label Comics.

We will try to make this a great place to see artwork from (or related to) comic stories that will appear in the Black Label Comics anthology, and our ongoing series The Deathlings, Huginn & Muninn, and The Dark Age

Please visit our Gallery for images from the comics, or our Kickstarter Page for more information including how to pre-order a copy or contribute.

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(Cross-posted from my Personal Journal)

Today, I'm proud to announce the launch of my new monthly column on, called Just Make Comics. (Read it to see what that simple title is all about.)

In the first installment, "Get the Project Started" I practice what I preach by doing two important things-- Doing some actual writing, and starting to look for an artist collaborator for the column.

Yes-- as announced in the column, I am looking for an artist partner for short comics and illustrations to complement the written portion of the column every month. Just to show how dedicated I am, I'm conducting the whole process before your eyes. If I fail, the second installment won't have any visual component, so I'll live or die by my own advice here.

I'll be writing advice on just making some damn comics, and I'd like to work with an artist to illustrate my points and show sample short comics. Some installments may even be purely in comics form. If you're interested in a regular monthly gig, never more than two pages a month (often less) hit me up with your portfolio and a clever comment.
I was recently able to put together the last important piece of reference material for my upcoming comic, Rooftop Lily. (I have also outlined the first issue and detail, and am beginning on the rest of the first arc.)

With this milestone, I think the world is ready to see Lily. (I know I am!) So if you are interested in sketching the character, or doing a pin-up, please drop me a note with the best email address to send you a Google Doc!

Rooftop Lily - Lily has a heart so light that her feet barely touch the ground--  and she's starting to spread that feeling. A series of very light, peaceful, romantic vignettes tell the story of a singular and beautiful girl with a very simple "power" and the refreshing lightness she breathes into the lives around her. (European romance or Good Girl style, some nudity and sensuality. A series of 2-6 page vignettes building into a larger story.)

Now that the story is coming together, I want to give more people a chance to fall in love with Lily like I have. To make that happen, I'd like to open the door to people doing pin-ups, portraits, and fan art of this unique girl. Are you interested?

So, who is Lily?

Lily is a very slender, graceful girl, with a natural and effortless beauty. She has long natural light-red hair, pale skin with freckles, and light blue-grey eyes. She's painfully gorgeous, but completely unassuming. She has one in a million face and body-- she's a supermodel who doesn't know it, or just doesn't care.

She doesn't wear make up, and she loves loose clothes and short summery skirts. She has cute glasses, and is almost always barefoot. She also doesn’t have one single 'costume'. She dresses appropriately (or inappropriately) for the occasion. Everything about her is effortless and natural, never stark or modern.

She doesn't carry any metaphorical weight on her shoulders, and her outlook leads to acts of kindness that make the people around her feel the same. More incredibly, her light heart makes her literally as light as a feather. She's quick witted but quiet, calm but clever, and sweet without being saccharine.

If this sounds fun, drop me (IanStruckhoff, not the group) a Note with your email address and I can send more info and reference!
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