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WIP Amon Cosplay

By BlackKrogoth
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I'm sure everyone saw this coming from a mile away. Hell, I saw him before Korra premiered in the preview and I went "Aw, shit, I'm gonna cosplay that." Masks masks masks masks masks

20 HOURS LATER....this. It's a bit too wide and I actually got the top marking really wrong, but well that's what the hood is for, to cover these mistakes.

Mask is made from my usual method, cast of my face in Rigid Wrap (plaster bandages), built and sculpted up with paper clay, sanded to hell and back, and then coated with 10000000 layers of gesso and then also sanded to hell and back.

Colors are acrylic. The mask shade is a combo of a lot of white, some spring green, some golden yellow, some dark tan, and a smidge of brown. I can't really remember the ratio, since it was pretty much mixing until the color looked right. The shade was then mixed with more white to make the base. That thin red line no joke, took me 5 hours to paint. No, I don't have a steady hand.

Hood is from my Phantasm costume, I haven't made the costume yet but I will for New York Comic Con. Hope to see some Equalists there!

Amon is from Legend of Korra and belongs to Nick

EDIT: I finished the costume,
Full body: [link]
Photoshoot shot: [link]
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can I borrow the cosplay and the contact lenses, it's so cool and beautiful I love this Amon cosplay and I love the legend of Korra and the legend of Aang

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But I have nothing to offer you for your money!
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This is just awesome. Great job.
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Holy crap that is super amazing, total fan girl right now, I'm a fan girl to so many things XD. Amon....-lost for word- just wow. well done on that mask. it's creepy cool, seems as though amon came to life (I wish)
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whoa! this is actually really good. most amon cosplays I see are just not quite there... but you nailed it!
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oh my god this is amazing! And you have Amon's eyes! *dies*
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-grabby hands- I so want this XD
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Hi, I read somewhere earlier in the comments that a friend of yours would maybe copy your mask for selling. Is that still true? Because I think your mask is the greatest I've seen so far. Yours make me think more about Amon than all the others in terms of shape.

So if you reconsider commisions someday, I'll be one of your buyers :D
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I have a mold of my mask, but I haven't had a chance to get around to making copies, yet, been too busy with a lot of things! I will probably at some point next year. I do have a friend on Facebook that makes a great mask too, he's Kommissar Props.

Thank you for the kind words!
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Yeah, I've seen his mask but, in my opinion, yours is so amazing that it looks like it has just been ripped off the anime. But there's no problem, I'll surely wait until next year :D
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This looks like you ripped it straight out of the show. I've sat here for a good 10 minutes, with my jaw literally agape because of the quality of this build.
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Thank you! Anytime I build a mask, I always focus on the 3/4 reference, cause once you get that, it'll look accurate from all angles!
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Whoa!!! That's so awesome! The detail is amazing! :icongreatjobplz:
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this is the most accurate mask i've ever seen. :U
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uh,so it's only a face-cover mask,right? so,what keep it from falling?
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There's a piece of bias tape that is attached to the underside (right above the eyes) and it ties behind, sits on the ears so it doesn't slip
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so,taking it off is kinda hard then,eh? ^^;
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I think it's easy, you can't flip it up and down that easily, but it's easier than others I've had haha.
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This looks great! I haven't found many cosplayers who have been able to get that same menacing look with their eyes from behind the mask like you have here. You did a really amazing job.
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Thank you so much! Yeah, I paid extra attention to the eyes because I think that's 90% of what makes the mask look like Amon. Thank you for noticing <3
nekomatalee's avatar
You are very welcome! You Amon cosplay is my favourite that I have seen. You really put a lot of effort into the mask and the gauntlet/armour pieces and it shows. I hope mine looks half as good as yours!
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