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Dog Sledding

So, it's been a long day of sledding (with Jenna!) and finally you've made camp in the middle of nowhere. It's starting to get quite cold outside as night sets in. But you are properly equipped with winter gear, so no problems there.
But what if your loyal, husky, sleddog Jenna wants to sleep with you!? That sleeping bag is made only for one person.. but it could, technically, fit two.. would be a bit tight though! And her fur is still a little wet from melting snow, but well.. Would you mind? :3

It's that red fur, I tell you.
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Wouldn’t mind cuddling with her ❤️
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AMAZING and do you take requests?
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Absolutely beautiful ^///^
*Krystal grabs me by my shirt and throws me through my room, me slamming into a wall, getting unconcious*
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THIS IS BEYOND AMAZING <3 and its great to see more art of jenna <3
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Wow! She's absolutely gorgeous and beautiful with how you drew, positioned and detailed her and the picture too!:)
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You're welcome. :)
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hell yea she can! jenna get the fuck over here! lol
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Ewww... Wet dog :bleh:

But when she dries off, she can have all the snuggles she wants :iconpervplz:
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are those dog shoes at 2 o clock ?
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You should do a follow-up showing Balto's reaction. ;)
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Wow, great art!
Definitely wouldn't turn down such a lovely "extra liner" to the sleeping bag.
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lol, sounds like someone has a crush *Winks*
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I can't deny it!
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It's be lovely to see more of your idea's :D
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Jenna's beautiful and sexy in this pose. Great work.:D
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