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The Doctor and The Batman

My favourite photo from the amazing gathering of Cosplay Rebellion.

The Doctor and The Batman, the greatest mind ever assembled. Not so sure how well they'd get along in the TARDIS though... :XD:

...Did I mention it was effing hot that day, bloody trench coat. :lol:

Photo taken by Jessica Harris.
Costume loaned to Daniel (Batman) by ~batty9999, give him love! :D
Doctor Who (C) BBC
Batman (C) DC Comics
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Dec 11, 2009, 11:56:57 PM
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Davros and The Joker lead an army of Daleks dosed up with Joker venom to make them into even more insane kiling machines whilst the Mad Hatter is somwere tinkering with a tomb of dormant Cybermen.
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where was this at? :o
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oh this be a great convo XD

Doctor: Ello

Batman: I'm Batman

Doctor: So you are anyway have you seen any angel statues?

Batman: I'm Batman

and this would progress until the Doctor rip his hair out and go to Barbara Gorden for help
PurpleMadness98's avatar
brilliant! best idea ever!
the evil of the universe just crapped itself
padfoot2012's avatar
i always knew they had a secret love affair...
StrawberryBlossoms's avatar
I want a bloody trench coat...
Leopard-of-Time's avatar
Total. Win.

Two of my favourite universes in THE SAME PHOTO! This totally just made my day.

(and I give sympathy for the heat. I imagine that sucked, quite a bit.)
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Thanks man! They're two of my favourite genre's for darn sure. :D I'm glad you like it, want to get a better one done soon. :D
Leopard-of-Time's avatar
No prob! I appreciate a good cosplay crossover. :iconjokerclapplz:
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Haha. Interesting combination.
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As someone who: A. is slowly-but-surely getting into DW (the new-one-that-isn't-so-new anymore), and B. is bored enough at this moment in life to look at Cosplay photos (DC-related at the moment) and stumble upon this, I must say this is quite an interesting crossover pairing. Although I personally would like Bats to look a bit bigger and more intimidating, this is a cosplay, and I still like the effort here very much. And you make a pretty good Doc, here.

Just being curious here, but have you ever thought (in a future cosplay) of pairing up the characters again in a "sequel" of sorts? Or maybe something similar? *shrug* Again, just curious.
blackjack157's avatar
It could possibly happen but generally my photos are spur of the moment stuff and very little is planned in advance. I have some ideas for a fanfilm though we'll see how that goes. :D

Thanks! :D
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Try doing it in Townsville :P
blackjack157's avatar
vincents-child's avatar
honestly i don't blame you :P
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Lolz love the poses dude. and u can tell it was a hot day with batmans sweat marks
blackjack157's avatar
Ahahah that generally happens on any day in Aus, you and I should know that more then anybody buddy boy. :XD:

I miss my Chris, how ya doing mate? :D
Ominemon's avatar
Lolz yea. its just gonna be a shocker this sunday ><

And im good man. been a little busy with the gf and all lolz. How u been man?
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