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The Touch Of Love



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So , today I read a story on the local "Women newspaper" and totally touched by it . SO I can't help but forced myself to say something about it :aww:

* I will not give away the name of anyone in the story cause I'm not sure if the owner is ready to share the information yet ^^

The story is about a teacher's life in South Russia , where she woke up one day and found that she lay there , and can't move any part of her body , then received a terrible news from the hospital that she was paralysed by Stroke .

Then , by the advice of the doctors , her husband quit his job , then bring her back to the country , where he found a job as a farmer and stay beside her day and night , give her every spoon of food and patiently massage her already paralysed hands and legs .

The teacher was truly touched to be under her husband's care , that she was burn with desire to have someway to say how she truly felt to him . This thinking was the biggest motivation that keep her trying and trying , to move her finger . And one day , she did it :love:

Her husband's care and love helped her to heal day by day , the next 2 months , she can make an effort to move her body and not too long after that , she had been able to take the very first steps . Later , she was able to dance with the children the village and now , she was fully recovered and become a dance teacher :clap:


And then again , LOVE did its magical healing power that somehow the high technique-medical-system can never do . And the story just show us the certain proof that MAGIC DOES EXIST IN LIFE .

Miracle is just a part of nature , a part that we can also influenced , and it starts ..... when we DECIDE :aww:


And then again , I had become an emotional , long-writing freak ^^; ^^; I told my friend how I was touched by the story , and they told me " you were too emotional !! " :lol: Oh well , since when it is a crime to become too-emotional ??? =P

Nikon D70 + 18-55mm VR Nikkor + IR-Remote + Self-timer + Tripod . Editing process is follow this tutorial just get rid of the 3rd step =P


I'm still lost somewhere between my lessons for the exams , but it still very nice to sneak out and do some photography :D

Thank you everyone for viewing and reading ;) :hug:
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Amazing message!!