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Mr. Right has eluded many single women and single Gay men everywhere over the years by using a simple trick. He hides in plain sight. He might be the guy in your office, at your gym, that you run into at the grocery store. He's as likely to be the guy who you met on line at the movie theater as the guy you met online. However, before you find Mr. Right you need to eliminate Mr. Perfect and Mr. Wrong from your dating life.

Mr. Perfect. He can be real or imaginary. The imaginary Mr. Perfect is the most common. He's the idealized version of what you want in a man.He 's what many women are still looking for and sadly, he doesn't exist. No one's perfect.

Mr. Wrong is something completely different from Mr. Perfect. He's real. He has qualities or characteristics that we don't want. The one's that are deal breakers.

Now that Mr. Perfect and Mr. Wrong are gone you can start looking for Mr. Right. But Mr. Right comes in many forms.

Mr. Right Now... Just like his name implies, he's there now. He likes spending time with you but you don't see him as being someone to spend the rest of your life with

Mr. Right For... Everyone seems to think you'd be the perfect couple. This pressure from others can make you doubt any feeling that you may have towards him

Mr. Right But... He's a great guy, but there are a few things that you're not sure about. He's the man that may seem like Mr. Wrong at first.

Mr. Right Here... He's someone you see often. You're neighbor, your best friend, a co-worker. He's nice, he's single, but for some reason you never notice him.

So, how do you find Mr. Right. Open your eyes and look around. Know what's important to you. Be realistic and stop seeking perfection. Look at the men already in your life, there's a good chance Mr. Right is already there waiting for you to find him.

- Shana Jackson

Article Source: [link] , go there and read the rest =P


Sorry I've been away for too long, I just have my laptop fixed and it's been terribly busy around here.

Anyway, I'm back for the weekend :XD: and hopefully there will be more free time in the future :pray:


I look so funny in Shirt and Jeans =P

* Camera: Nikon D70 + Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D + Tripod + IR-Remote.
* Editing Process : Photoshop 8 CS + increased light and yellow using color balancing.

Thank you for viewing and fav-ing :hug: I'm really appreciate that ^^
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