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Love Game

:music: Love was such an easy game to play ...

Yesterday - The Beatles :heart:


Inspired by :

I really like how he manage to shoot , so I want to try this stuff out =P First time trying and a little Cliche =P


See H.I.M - How It's Made - Here :
( I decided to turn the name of the behind the scene thing to be How it's made , sound more discovery =P )

More of Love game : :D

Nikon D70 + 18-55mm VR Nikkor + Bower Flash + Eyetek Close-up +4 - ISO 320 + "Flash White Balance" ( it caused the blue effect nicely =P ) . Minor increased in blue using color balancing and minor increased contrast and vignetting . Bokeh was from small Sparkles =P

Thank you for viewing :hug:
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10/600 second
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48 mm
Date Taken
Jul 18, 2010, 4:40:29 PM
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Is it okay if I use this is a book cover on Wattpad? I will  put your dA link in the book.... if you want anything else with the credits message me :D If you don't want me to use it, I will take it down but still keep the credits bc i love your work.
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The interesting thing is that to create the heart I guess you stick the little heart on the number ONE.
This picture can show you that sometime life give you love but can even show you that if you play... life never give you love unless you stick a fake heart and take the control of your life. You stop giving the destiny the opportunity to play with you and you STICK your love fantasy everywhere untill the only result will
You stick the heart on the number one... but if you stick hearths on number 5 you will have 5 time the love you had before.
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Well , nice thought . But as I always think love is something you simply can't take it , it has to come to you naturally . Of course there will be efforts to keep your love with you , but if the love is not meant for you , then no matter how number you play with , it will not stay with you , no matter how hard you try . 

Besides it's not a problem of fake heart , it's not about what outside , but what insides that counts. 

There is a saying : create a life that FEEL GOOD from the inside , not one that just LOOK GOOD on the outside . ^^

But I like your thoughts . Thanks for comment :D
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You are great. You know why? Becouse while I was writing my comment I was thinking about the separation that I was feeling inside.
I believe the same. Love have to come naturally, we can't force it. But becouse I have inside myself a supreme low, I wrote a different thing. This supreme love say that we have to express what our mouth want to say.
My mouth in that moment wanted to say something different from what I really think and I said it.
This is not about being incongruent, is about consciousness. To be conscious is to be aware about the separation inside ourself and express it.
I trust god, myself, the infinite force of universe (call it as you like) that when I follow my supreme low, the other part of the comunication (in this case you) recive not the message between the words but my intention to be conscious.
Is a bit mystical metaphisical way of thinking but is what I think.
And.. art.. is the supreme way to help the separation inside us become beauty and not uglyness.
Great Picture ;) keep going!
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Your picture has been featured here: [link] :cuddle: :deviation:
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thank you so much :hug: I'm honored :bow:
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thank you so much for supporting:hug:
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Your very welcome!
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thank you so much :hug:
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Your photo has unfortunately been stolen here: [link]
The person has also stolen many other photos from around dA: [link]

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and if it's not any trouble may i also feature this one?
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Yes , Much appreciated :XD:
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lovely idea! I so love it!
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so clever! its so lovely I love it! :heart:
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