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Some Nearly Extinct Natural Species should be in protection !!


Not just Bigfoot , It's funny that some people went on a trip to find what can be presume here as "a freak of nature" just to put them into a museum .

Aside from the scientific purposes ( which is very unclear in most cases , which are just people who want to find a way to be famous ). The Human Curiosity is something that very dangerous to rare animals , sometimes people kill nearly extinct species because they want to learn about them.

I couldn't have but wonder , while we standing here studying about one specie , the last animal of a species is dying out there . Can we capture them all ??? Can we learn them all ??

And even when science is rapidly developed nowaday , can we understand the Earth better ?? Or does The Earth the one thing that will never be completely understood ??


Playing with perspective :XD: my feet was amazingly big when viewing in this angle :XD:

Introducing my newly bought Nikon 24mm f/2.8D :XD: I found one used for 150$ in perfect condition ( new is around 390$ :XD: ) , made in Japan and works perfectly well . The image is super sharp , the Depth of Field is excellent , almost like the 50mm f/1.8D ^^

* Nikon D70 + Nikkor 24mm f/2.8D

* Photoshop 8 CS + increased in light and yellow using color balancing .

Thank you so much for viewing and fav-ing :hug:
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10/1250 second
Focal Length
24 mm
Date Taken
Jun 30, 2012, 4:47:08 PM
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The whole photo is quite pleasing to the eyes all together. Between the soft greens, whites, yellows, and then the rich skin tone all in all it is really quite nice. The angle in itself is really good as well, you left just enough white(ish) below to frame the feet and the greenery in the background. I was also wondering, did you use editing to create such a soft tone? (Or were you just lucky? XD ) if you used some type of editing, what type? Also, one tiny suggestion, though I do in fact like the greenery between the toes, it would have been (at least I think so) nicer if you had found a bit more ‘fresh’ looking greens, some of the plants look a bit wilted, it might just be the lighting, but I figured I’d at least bring it up. I hope this helps~
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Does that mean you have a rare Foot Fungus?

Penicillin should help.
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This beautiful piece has been featured here [link] :) Please fave this feature so that more people will be able to see your wonderful art. Thank you :heart:
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You have been featured here [link]
and I hope you like it...:hug:
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Great idea and great vision! I mean greenary "growing" between the toes...genius!!! :D
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Loved this so much it's featured here [link] thanks for being awesome!! :)
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WoW! Amazing! love it :-)
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I like the concept, but not so much for Big Foot as for Jack and the Beanstalk! :D Great photo. Love the greenery and the sunlight!
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I love that you always have such thought-provoking comments to go with your photographs. I think you're a true artist :)
I agree that the concept and angle are very cool! Beautiful work!
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I agree interesting angle. So much could be done with this angle work on feet. Very cool indeed.
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really liked the concept :clap:
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WEIRD... but neat.
Also a nice angle of the foot for artists still needing work on anatomy.
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