Translator Bug Fixes
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A lot of people have been having trouble with the translator, because their computers somehow can't open .jar files. So I've released platform-specific versions in other formats and here they are:

Universal Java:…
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Would it be very complicated to add export to svg instead of png? It's basically vectors that you add. It would be easier to modify if need be.

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Whenever I try to submit drawings on deviantart Muro,it says I haven't logged in!!!!
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AbdulBatinOsmanBeyHobbyist Writer
Have you thought about making a version in the same way babel fish works were you write on one side and the translation appears on the other side. That might allow you to make a version were you can write paragraphs, poems, or full fledged stories without it overlapping the design. I have been using the one you created for Mac and am loving it coming up with some interesting designs.
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Nut-Kase-the-ponyHobbyist Artist
Still doesn't work
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What about a Google Chromebook? Would any of those work for it??
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KillerCaitieHobbyist General Artist
No "C", it wants me to use a "K" instead. It seems no language wants to acknowledge that "Caitlyn" can be spelled in that way! T_T
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1DeViLiShDuDeHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm, not to sure yet about OS's other than WindowsXP;
But, most console based apps usually require or work better if the apps location(paths) are included in the users or systems path entries - so all the apps support files can be found, while some apps create those entries when installed but usually use the windows registry.

I had to add a path for Maya to find the custom plugins I use with it.

If you install java, it changes the default systems app path for java(usually C:\Windows\Java\) to the currently installed version of java - which is normally installed in the systems Program Files(C:\Program Files\Java\jre7).

Hope that info will inform at least a few users about why the errors happen! :D

@~BlackHatGuy: A console version would be cool too!
To be able to script/process multiple word/files on the
commandline, or even EXEC/Text files with a TAB(EOL)
Or just filenames(less syntax checking) no extensions! :D
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Marauder1031 General Artist
Will not work.  Error states javaw.exe not found.
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Marauder1031 General Artist
Thanks gianfun.  Deleted previous downloaded version, uninstalled java, reinstalled java from your link, then downloaded the platform specific from above.  Application now finally running.
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For the people having trouble with java, try downloading the newest java!
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This is not about an error, but you can't write can't in the translator .
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its still not fixed! i'm getting the same javaw.exe error
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it seems so many people have the same problem yet no reply on whether there will be something done about it, i'm a massive doctor who fan and i could write it out personally but as it is for a tattoo i don't want to get it wrong :/
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Pr0crastronautHobbyist Digital Artist
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I'm also having an issue with it not running due to "javaw.exe" not being found.  Anyone figured this problem out yet?
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DinelleHobbyist Photographer
Windows cannot find javaw.exe Oops! 
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it's still giving me the javaw error
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love it. All my friends now have their names in Gallifreyan. I did notice that it doesn't like the lowercase c but apart from that its brilliant

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Windows cannot find javaw.exe
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I just tried opening this (stumbled upon your site and thought the Gallifreyan translator thing was awesome). I assume I'm supposed to run the .exe file, but when I click on it nothing happens. Am I not doing something correctly?
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I love it! Please make this into an app for the Android phones, I'd even be willing to pay for it
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I feel kinda dumb asking this, but with what are you supposed to use to open this?
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ymouseHobbyist Photographer
Still says it can't find "javaw.exe" :(
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BlackHeartedFanGirlStudent Photographer
I can't open it ON MY F*CKING PC!!!!! I HATE MY COMPUTER!!! I am PISSED OFF! 
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