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Sudo Sapiens (Chapters 1-6)

This is actually a several-year-old side project that I haven't worked on in a while, and I'm only posting it now because I feel guilty that I haven't posted anything but Gallifreyan recently.

The premise: Neville is the boy-who-lived, and because Gran dies, he's raised with his programmer uncle and goes to Scarab Academy instead of Hogwarts.

I have the whole plot planned out, but updates will be few and far between—other projects take precedence. I hope you enjoy!
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I saw the mystic word "sudo" and mistook this for a fun guide to Linux, which I was sorely in need of.  Once I started reading I couldn't stop until I reached the end!
Please, please, please continue this as soon as you can!  As a computer-science major at college with a lot of tinkering in my past, this AU is a dream come true!  I really can't wait... I realize you have other projects, but it's such a shame you can't finish this one faster ><

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I thought this was fantastic, and that emotion was followed by disappointment, when I found you've not uploaded more.

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Might be a while >_<

But I've got the whole thing planned out, so it will happen!
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I really enjoyed reading this. I wished we could have seen more of Neville in the books, so this AU delights me.
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In our country sudo means shit
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Oh wow, I didn't know that... it's also a programming term, for those of us outside Latvia. Thanks for the info though.
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What means that programming term,I wanted to be a programmer some time ago but i had problems with math and i cant understand so fast.
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It lets you run a command as a superuser (if you have the password). Superusers can do things that normal users cannot.
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It about some programm or winxp :D ? And why i get blue screen after i det process priority from normal to hight or real time? :P
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I... am afraid I don't know that.
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