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New and much-improved translator!

By BlackHatGuy
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Universal Java: [link]
Linux: [link]
Mac: [link]
Windows: [link]

Report any bugs and glitches please. And enjoy! :D
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For some reason it disproves of the letter C. Other than that, it is extremely useful.
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Do you have a inverse of this program? image to text
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Some times it freezes up when I use it, and numbers don`t show up, but otherwise it`s pretty good.
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thank you for the fun translator
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I still can't get this to work.  Says it's not compatible with my comp. I have new comp running 8.1 help!
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What happened to the non java version? :(
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For windows that is?
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This is awesome... Just what I wanted to find. :happybounce:    However, I typed something and saved the crap out of it, but now I don't know how to get back to it to put it up because it didn't tell me where it saved. Help finding it please?   Help 
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THIS IS MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't describe how much awesome it is La la la la 
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Excellent! Still waiting for multiple sentences though.
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This is great! :D
And all this time I thought I had the latest version from 5.15.11! :|
:thanks: DL'ing now! :o
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yo should add an export option to this
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Are multiple sentences still not supported?
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hi, i was wondering if you could make a translator for the gallifreyanmusic 
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I love this. But why can't I put in the letter c?
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there isn't one, you use K or S instead, depending on the sound
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thank you so much for adding a Linux version! You have officially made my week! :D
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Hi, I'm wondering if you have a document that explains the form and rules of the writing, as in, which side do I start on when reading, do I go clockwise, etc.

Love the translator!
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The bottom, in case you didn't see it yet ~BlackHatGuy also has documentation.
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Thank you, I did find the info I was looking for.  :)
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I'm running a Windows Vista and I can't download it
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Your translator is really awesome :D Great work - I think I'll have to learn how to write Gallifreyan by hand now too
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