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How to Write Gallifreyan

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My bf absolutely adores Doctor Who and the Gallifreyan language. I don't understand it to be honest...but I want to make him something special. How would I go about writing his name in Gallifrey?
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H hope i'm not too late or if you still even need help with it but this link should teach you everything you need to know. Hope it helps.

Thank you :-D 
I'm going to favorite the site and use it for reference on my bf Christmas card lol
Hi, I have translated quite a lot of words according to your guide (but still haven´t moved on to sentences) and I think it´s pretty awesome! I cannot imagine how much time and energy it must have cost you. There is just a little problem I have had, I wanted to translate a word with double consonant but i didn´t know how to do it. I tried doing it the same way as double vowels in your Gallifreyan Writer, but it did some weird stuff and didn´t even look close to what I wanted to write. So what would you do with double consonants? And maybe update the Writer so that it is possible to make two lines at a time. Please do so soon, because I am too lazy to draw it by hand :D
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What do you do with double letter consonants? (e.g. 'ss')
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Is this what they use in Doctor Who, or is it made up, but looks like the real thing?
The Gallifreyan in Doctor Who is just cool looking circles, it doesn´t make sense, so fans made their own alphabets
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Ah i see, okay!
With many typos I got: In a perfect relationship a girl should not be forced to choose between a man and her cuttlefish

(In a perfekt reltionshp a birl should net be chforse to choso betwe[e]n her man anr her kuttlefsh)
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OMG Thank you sooooooo much for making this!!!!!! :D This is going to help me a TON!!!!!!! *this is going to be my first fan-made language!* :D :3
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You're Awesome !  
Love your imaginative solution to the Gallifreyan alphabet.  
The resulting glyphs are remarkably detailed and mysterious.  
You have my admiration ! 

~ M.
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Thank you, this was very helpful!
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You are crazy to work this all out... fantastic, brilliant and very, very cool... but crazy! How much of this could be used to translate what we see on the show?
OMG do you think the Doctor's name could be translated using this!?! Someone needs to do that! :D This is truly amazing!
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could you please add a demonstration on how to write the fourth row (th, y, z, ng, qu, x). and how do you write N
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Just stumbled across this by accident, but it's awesome! Thanks man!

...Now I can drive my friends crazy with writing things in Gallifreyan...! :D
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is the alphabet used in this official?
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Hi again! I had another look at your work on Gallifreyan writing, because I have a strange problem (may not be the best word for a part of a highly impractical hobby :P), pretty much related to yours. I might try to make up the Incubators' 'alphabet', which must be different, but your Gallifreyan can provide reference for its philosophy. They are a emotionless, highly logical and scientific species that communicate via telepathy which probably calls for an ideographic system. But it must be built of smaller, strictly ordered particles (I could say it must be an orthogonal writing system), just like a phonetic writing. It might even have a historical background of spoken words... I can't wrap my head around the whole idea yet, but your work can help. I'm also studying Korean Hangul system for the same reason. But I'm sure their writing system must be simple, logical and not particularly beautiful as they don't understand the concept of beauty at all.

And this all because I mentioned (going to mention in my Madoka/Fringe crossover fan fiction) a certain box marked with alien letters...

Yes, I'm nuts Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 
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How does punctuation work? I have seen your version of how it looks, but couldn't you try to make like a sentence that included punctuation in some way so we could see where and how it should be?
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Can it be used to translate the Doctor's Name?
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how can I open the Gallifreyan writer? for me it is a ZIP file! HELP!!!
use a unarchiever. if you have  mac it come pre installed.
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I have windows 7 and I have no idea what's an unarchiver
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