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Gallifreyan Update


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Never mind, I found it.  :)

Really appreciate the work you put into this.
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Do you know how AWESOME you are?
Do you ever get sick of answering the same questions over and over again?
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Yeah, I kinda wish people would look at the FAQ section of the guide.
What do you do with C for a word like "precious"? Use SH?
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Yes, that's what you do.
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Still loving the kalligraphy of it, but i ran across a problem ...
what does the "c = s or k" rule say about words like science, or alliance ? it sounds neither like an s or k i those words....
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Sounds like an S to me, but if you want to use C, you can just write it like a K but with four dots.
The guide's number system isn't the same as the one depicted in the above gif...?
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Oh yes haha I updated it because people said the one above was too hard.
Shame, I find this easier to read at a glance then the new system, composition can also be more stylized and creative. While the new system allows for decimals and negatives, I find the size of digits in the old system is easier to read. Perhaps if every ring was lightly colored in the new system it would make discerning what marks and circles relate to a digit easier, but then you're introducing color to a black and white system.
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I like the old system better too, but I put it to a vote and most people wanted an easier one. It is a shame.
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Stamp of approval due to jelly babies.
That is all.
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Thank you so much for all your updates and lessons around Gallifreyan ! :)
I am about to have a tattoo in Gallifreyan language thanks to you !!! ^^
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Cool! Thank you and good luck with that :D
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The ShermansPlanet Link is broken :( Can this be found anywhere else?
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Really? It's still working for me. Here's a direct link to the guide, I hope it helps: [link]
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Hi BlackHat, This really does appear to be a time travellers conversation! ;)

FYI Your link is working (I must have originally tried it on a bad day) and I've successfully downloaded the app on a couple of occasions. Many thanks for putting this together, its proved to be a useful and interesting piece of software. Had any thoughts on adding any of the upgrades you have listed on it?


Yours in anticipation


Albus Weka

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I'm actually working on a complete upgrade to the translator, although it's going a lot more slowly than I hoped.
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I wish I could be of use in that respect. Coding is one of my least strong points. I look forward to seeing the updated version when you are able to complete it :)
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