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Gallifreyan Numbers

Numbers are pretty complicated, so I thought I'd clear things up a bit!
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To: 917 553 7589

Is it 9175537589? I tried texting it but my phone has been playing up.
Could it be 914553975?
is the number 9175139758 ?
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I know what it is, but I'm confused. Isn't there supposed to be an 8?
Is this it
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is either one of these it?
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Yes but shhhhhhhhh

Probably entirely wrong. I'm not sure how to read the rings though. Do you have any tips or videos that may help me get clearer on how this system works?
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No, but the number system has changed. Check the guide for a much simpler one:
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The new number system isn't as impressive, but it's still really cool.
This is a beautiful system you have here, but aren't Old Gallifreyan numbers in base 7? From where comes 8 and 9? Are those just like "eleven" and "twelve" as shortcuts?
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Well this number system isn't canon, so it doesn't need to be base 7. The base 7 thing is also only semi-canon, because it comes from the chapter numbering system in a book.
Also I gather that the upper left on the innermost ring is indicated as '8', but since the two circles inside the "8" do not intersect the innermost ring, couldn't that digit also be 2 circles outside the ring, aka 9, or whatever 3 circles on the outside of a ring is?
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Ooh, close. Very close.
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Oooh, so very close.
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