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Gallifreyan Math

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The PDF link no longer works

Just brilliant - seriously got to get my head around this!
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OMG.. im excited..
I'm very pleased about this, I'm really into math, and I'd love to see more of this, how far are you planning on taking it?
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I'm impressed. I would love to see this extended to higher maths.
(secretly wanting to pitch in in defining a frame work for theoretical maths)
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what gallifreyan math?! b-but i already suck at regular math, now i have to learn gallifreyan math?
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It actually makes more sense in gallifreyian. Gallifreyian physics, now thats hardcore.
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Don't worry! It's a kind of math used in the British TV show 'Doctor Who.' Trust me, nobody is gonna teach this in school any time soon.
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i know. i was just trying to be funny.
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You should add a way to say a number is "positive or negative", like if you take the square root of a number. Also, absolute value.
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Ooh, good ideas!
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You should also make measurements (like length, time, mass, etc) :D
(sorry for so many suggestions)
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Adding them right now!
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You should make a variable for mass, and possibly one for density.
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How do you use the time symbol?
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Just like any of the others. You put it in an equation when you're writing an equation about time.
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you are my freaking hero.
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Ack more things to do when I should be doing homework

You and you genius have ruined me
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Wow !!! cannot wait to print and read everything :D thank you so much !

PS: about to get my Gallifreyan tattoo soon :D
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ok... the first one is "y=a(x-b) ^2 + c", but I just recognized it and didn't really translate it... the next one is "i = -1 ^ .5", then, the last one is "a = pi x r ^ 2" Am I correct?
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Woah. Intense.. going to have to check this out.

Just wondering though, why don't you upload the pdf to DA? Is it a personal preference thing?
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Well the PDF gets updated a lot so I only host it in one spot. Otherwise, every time I updated it I would have to do so more than once. Just a time-saving thing.
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