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Demons Run

Note: This poem doesn't have punctuation in the transliteration.
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Wrong, the o and e are all switched up

Awesome! :D I love it! I was wondering why you left out the last part of the poem?

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I can't see any mistakes in "sun", have you corrected it?
Looks extremely awesome btw! :)
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That's just insane... I love it. I can write "Bow ties are cool", but nothing that awesome.
Could someone point out to me where the word "Sun" Is misspelled? I'm very lost haha! But I LOVE this! 
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I adore the glow on this, it just fits the language brilliantly.
Is it the whole poem?
I seem to be somewhat lost after a short while...
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Man, this would be perfect for a tattoo, wouldn't it? I was planning on doing it, but after people pointed out there's a mistake (and I can't find it cuz I forgot how to write in gallifreyan), I'm stumped, haha! But awesome work!
In the word 'sun' the first letter should have three lines and doesn't.

I love how it's laid out. Took me a minute to get the hang of following one phrase to the next, but I got it in the end! :) So cool!
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Oh my. This is beautiful.
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what does it say if you translate the writing on the cradle in the episode? (i would do it myself but i'm still trying to learn gallifreyan.)
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My version isn't the official BBC version, they just use random cool-looking circles.
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oh ok. but wat would be the closest translation to your version. i think it would be funny since theirs doesn't actually translate because they are just circles.
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haha that would be funny, but they're just not close enough to be able to translate. It's like trying to translate a bunch of lines into English—maybe you see something that looks like an I or a T or something, but most of it's gibberish.
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great gob with the circles :) I only found one mistake and that was the S in sun. It doesn't have any lines.
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Yeah haha I messed that one up. Good work transliterating!
Can I put this on a T-shirt? I created an account just so I could ask.
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Awesome dude, thanks!
Can I put this on a T-shirt?
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Hey, nice Top Hat, also good pic.
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