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642 Things To Draw - Page 6

642 Things To Draw is a great book. Each page has preset labeled panels for me to fill with whatever strangeness I desire. Just proves my point that restrictions make people more creative.

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Dude, that looks like a fun as hell card game. Any way you can create some rules and deck types for it? I freaking love card games and it looks like you've hinted at something that must be fleshed out
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What was the prompt for this page? It's a really neat drawing.
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i have this book and i love it! (: but i love this picture more (:
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Thank you! It's a brilliant book :D
rachkilgore14's avatar
it really is (: how far have you gotten in it? (:
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Not as far as I would like, I'm afraid... I seem to have barely made a dent XD. How about you?
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I think ive gotten up to the Milky Way... not any father than that! hahaha (:
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Cool! You should post more of that stuff, judging from what you have so far I'd love to see it.
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I definately will! (: but none of my drawings are ever going to be as cool as this one youve done! haha (:
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This is really fun, and somehow terrifying! Hate to play cards with that guy, heh.
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