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The Seven Potters



{{WARNING: Very VERY big file}}
Damn catergory thing DX

Ok again from Chapter 5: The Seven Potters
A result after drinking the polyjuice potion.
Lordy I loved their responses after the transformation :XD:
Poor Harry had to watch them strip, talk about damaging self dignity haha

Big :iconmegacookie: to the first who can name them all in order =D

EDIT: :iconmegacookie: goes to :icondatg: =D congrats!

Whole cast © J.K. Rowling
Art by meh! =D
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This is a great drawing! I love the sense of humour it shows. XD

There's something that always annoys me about this part of the story: Harry blaming himself for Moody's death because he "consented" and gave them his hair. Fred, George and Moody told him that they were going to go along with the plan whether he approved of it or not. At the end of the day, he didn't have a say in what they were doing. In the end, Moody ordered him to put his hair in the potion. They would have just ganged up on him if he refused.

Stop trying to make it about yourself, Harry!

But seriously, this is an excellent picture. Great job! :)