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Fourth Wave

Something I did really quick after experiencing a horrible moment on Spiral Knights

btw *Izuma actually defeated the horde single handedly
I shit you not
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Pretty much sums up danger rooms
I only won three out of all my danger room attempts , the rest ends in a failure. :(
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I only run danger rooms if I'm with my girlfriend. She knows the clockworks like the back of her hand... I've seen her run T3 in T1 gear and only die a couple times. It's insane.
I remember creating a Giant Lichen Colony. I was wearing low level tier 2 gear if I remember well. It was quite a good challenge.
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lol that's like my first time doing a difficulty gate! XD and fyi: don't try tier-3 gates unless you know you can do it.
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Oh god that's hilarious!
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well, Winmillion series is kinda shit. deals crap damage, makes some enemies dodge, makes you move into traps, and the charge move barely does any extra damage... with that, you're bound to take hits and most likely die.
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My buddy Larvkk and I (Da-Frio) beat a danger room together. Dark Rook Gate.
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heh... I did one of those horrid waves by myself and i did have to revive myself sometimes
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XD lololololololol that happened to e once, in jk, everyone in my party died and i was like "ARRRRRRRGH! WHY MEEEEE!" btw, i say bananaz. u should too. its FUN. >:3 ( in an annoying ur friends way XD >:3 )
Hyllia14's avatar
i mean when ur in a group or something =P spam the chat and ur friends might be severely annoyed =P
TheLegendofCody's avatar
Good thing I use gun and bomb... I beat that one... not just myself...
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Oh this is so true XD
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reminds me of the time where i soloed one, got real well.... till the 4th wave like this one... then i started to lose due to traps going off.... and there was a lot of raging when i reallized i forgot to lock my party and someone finnaly decided to join... why did it have to be a new player with full proto armor?

anyways, nice job , keep it up
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this describes what happens to me every time XD
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btw whys it mewing xD
BlackHarpyGoddess's avatar
My friend tends to mew a lot
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lololololol this was so funny LMAO xD xD xD dont ask why i put llama i felt like it :T
I can solo em easier with bombs and swords. Mainly bombs. Just attract mobs while placing bombs :D
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At least you had a team. I entered one of these alone, and after passing the first wave (And wasting all my energy to revive myself), I got killed by the 2nd wave.
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I did that a couple times. I can count only two or three victories after spending gawd knows how much energy XD
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It's a good game, but maybe a little hard XD And it's a shame that practically the 99% of the players only want to get a hat for Team Fortress 2.
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I dunno, I know a couple of heavy addicts for Spiral Knights XP
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