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HEY GUYS!! In case y'all didn't know yet, Michelle Creber & I are going on yet another Christmas tour!! :D (Along with Andrea Libman, Monique & Michael Creber, Baasik, SaberSpark and ACRaceBest!)
We have four concerts in four different locations, listed below! :la:

Vancouver BC (Dec 7th) Tickets Here
Michigan (Dec 12th) Tickets Here
Muskegon "Unplugged" (Dec 13th) Tickets Here
Washington DC (Dec 20-21) Tickets Here (This is the BIG one!!) 

Anyway, there are Only 8 hours left on the BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND SALE:

20% off tickets for the Magic of Christmas events (featuring Michelle Creber & Black Gryph0n) in Vancouver, BC (Dec 7 with Andrea Libman) and Washington, DC (Dec 20 with Saberspark, ACRacebest & Baasik). / Promotional code: "thanksgiving"
(Offer valid until midnight Cyber Monday.)

DETAILS IN THIS CRAZY VIDEO: (feat Me, Michelle Creber, Andrea Libman, and Claire Corlett)…


~Gryph (Gabe)

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WOW! So much has happened. I've barely had time to keep up with anything! ^^;
I don't have much time, so lemme just cut to the chase:

Me, Michelle Creber, Andrea Libman, and Monique & Michael Creber are putting on a concert tomorrow night (Thursday, Sept 4 at 8:00pm) at the  Silk Purse Art Gallery, (1570 Argyle Avenue in West Vancouver.)
Short notice deliberately as we want it to be a fun, relaxed, intimate event with lots of audience interaction! :la:
We had a lot of fun working this up and we plan on doing more of these "unplugged performances" in the future! So if you can't make it to this one, rest assured there will be a next time! :D

Still, we hope to see you there! ;)


More stuff hitting my YouTube soon! Be prepared :iconscarplz:

WUBS! <3

~Gabe (Gryph)
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Hello everyone! :wave:

I am excited to announce that IMmortal is FINALLY FINISHED!! :squee:
You can find it on iTunes here:  ----->  IMmortal  <-----
(Or on Amazon, Spotify, XBOX Music, and everywhere else. ;P Just search "IMmortal Gryph0n" :D)

Anyway, Baasik and I will be performing all of the tracks from IMmortal, and more at BronyCon's BronyPalooza in Baltimore this Friday!
We're on from 8:00 to 9:00pm, so drop in if you can! 
We'd LOVE to see you there!! :la:
We'll also be signing CD's afterwords if anyone want's to swing by our table and say hi. :3

Michelle and I will also be performing at the Grand Brony Gala in Florida on Saturday, August 16th at 7:30PM. Check out their website for details! -->

We HOPE to be heading to Sydneigh in Australia this September, but it's still up in the air... ^^;
You guys could always, maybe... I don't know... Persuade them a little... @Sydneigh2014 Just sayin' :evileye:

Speaking of CD's. Physical copies of IMmortal will be available on Amazon and other online stores as soon as the manufacturer distributes them! :D
We're hoping they'll be available by the 30th of august. :fingerscrossed:

Well, that's all for now. See ya at BronyCon! :iconbrohoofplz:

P.S. If you don't wanna buy our album, you can always check out our new tracks on YouTube! :happybounce:

My personal favorite is "Tell Me"... If I'm aloud to have a favorite... :P

Oh yeah... And here's another new track featuring my good friend Michelle Creber!
(If you don't know who she is by now, look her up. :P)
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That's right! I'm going to CANterlot Convention in Toronto on the 16th! :la:
Got lots of stuff planned! Panels, Performances, Meet and greets, the whole nine! :D 
I'll be going there with the Crebers and will be working with them almost the entire time, so If you find them, you'll most likely find me. :P

Anyone else going? :O_o:

Details about the con/ticket info here:

ALSOAnyone in Vancouver wanna come see me and Michelle Creber perform in the "Friends of Footlight" benefit concert at Michael J Fox Theatre in Barnaby at 7:00pm today (Sunday)? Tickets are 20% off at the door. (Oh, and there will be a meet and greet in the lobby afterwords. :)
Details here:

Hope to see y'all! :wave:
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Oh my gosh... The last few weeks have been SOOO CRAZY AWESOME!!! :D

Where to begin?

Ok, first off... I'M OUT OF THE NAVY!!! :squee: :happycry: :squee:
(Well, I'm on terminal leave anyway, which means that I'm still technically employed by the USN until my EAOS of October 7th. I just don't have to go on base/wear a uniform/cut my hair/etc.)

Second, I can now officially tell you all that I'm now officially living in Vancouver, Canada officially! :nod: (Was trying to keep it on the DL until it became official. :P)

But what I'm REALLY excited about are all of the exciting new projects underway! 
Including a ton of new stuff with Michelle Creber, and a new album with my brother BAASIK to be released by Christmas! :la:
(We hope to release the first song on the album by this Saturday, the 21st!!)

Also, later this week, I'll be getting together with Andrea Libman and the Creber's to film a bit for our "Beat It" parody!
So far, we have recorded Tabitha St Germain, Cathy Weseluck, Peter New, Andrew Francis,  Maddy Peters, Claire Corlett, and of course Michelle Creber making cameos
(with more on the way).
So this should be an EPIC video by the time it's finally released! :la: 
(I can't wait for you to hear Andrea's verse! It's SOOOOOO cute!! :aww: )

I'm also recording something fun with Tabitha St. Germain tomorrow. It should be up on her website in a few days. I'll put a link here when it's done. :)

Well, that's about it for now. I can't WAIT to start releasing projects! The next few months are gonna be :iconrdsoawesomeplz:

WUB WOO!! :love:


Crap, I usually have something for you in these things, but I don't have anything done yet... Errr... 
Here... have a cute vine by Tabitha: :shrug:

I just remembered! I did a song with Nate (BAASIK) a few months ago that I never officially released on my channel! 
You can listen to that if you want! :nod:
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