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Vinyl's Lonely Concert...

By BlackGryph0n
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Wanted a picture to go with my new song!! PROUD TO BE A BRONY :iconfluttershyyesplz:
This song is FREE btw, so do whatever you want with it! (Youtube included if you feel so inclined... ;) ) DOWNLOAD HERE

Looks like Vinyl Scratch could use some company... :lonely:
On another note, if I could materialize a custom rock band out of thin air, I might spend time alone more often! :P

I initially wanted to do this without her trademark glasses, but I didn't know whether to make her eyes blue, magenta, or red... :confused:
(OK, I decided they are this color)

Ok! So about the song... I wrote this because I have yet to hear a fan made song about MLP-FiM with lyrics, and thought it was about darn time there was one!! :tantrum: My brother played the acoustic guitar, wrote and mixed the music track. I wrote the words and the harmonies, sang and mixed the vocal track.
About the words; some of you may be thinking to yourself, "BlackGryph0n, I didn't understand a single thing you said!" If the person wondering that is you, and if you, that person, give enough of a crap to want to know what the words are, just ask and I will send them to you. You can get them HERE! :la:

Okay... What else... OH YEAH! Vinyl Scratch (DJ Pon-3) © HASBRO and :iconfyre-flye:
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Vinyl Scratch, I've got wubs for you!
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She seems so sad....
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Hey, do you mind if I use this picture for a story I'm making? I promise to source you and everything. It's fine if you say no, but, it'd be really cool if I could.
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Of course you can mate! Thanks for asking! :D
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Awesome, thanks. 
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This concept has always been part of my head-canon. It's awesome to see it in art-form.
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I love that song
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i must now go and design her family to cheer her up
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hey you cut me out of the pic i was right next to her now shes sad
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I love this picture! :D
Also, I think in the Canterlot Wedding episode her eyes were the same color as Rainbow Dash's. So pink. :3
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Rainbow Dash's eyes are more Pink Vinyl's is more of a dark plum color
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Her eyes ARE red, like, if you've seen Super Sonic's eyes...
BulletNick's avatar that a vinyl Kraftwerk's "Radio-Activity" on the background?
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I had Digital Heartbeat playing when I came across this... sorta elevates it by several bits. Anyways... awesome as always!
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the only word that can describe your song... epic
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i don't blame her. poor vinyl scratch.
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This really shows a lonesome type of side that Vinyl might have. She plays music for everyone else to enjoy and share but Vinyl has no one to play music for her hence the private concert if you like to but no one to share it with. And playing music for herself doesn't have the same feeling as playing it for others. I bet without those shades we'd see more then a few tears I bet. It looks like all she needs is a friend to share the music and the joy. I can't hear the music as my Nortons is a bit overprotective but hey it's good that your a brony. I'm not a fan of the show myself but I say that the pic is pretty darn good. I have no idea why but Party Rock Anthem went well with this. Anyhoo a fave from me.
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One way to spice up a DJ Pon3 picture is adding a little bit of Classical music to the mix....:iconoctaviaplz:
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Hi five, Shake hands, and brohoof all at the same time. Quality work dude.

It's awesome that at least five other dudes in my World History College-ed class watch it. They got me into the show, and I give them some awesome props.
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At least there's not a bucket of rootabeggas......
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