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Twilight Sparkle Cutie Mark

The Official Cutie Mark Vector of Twilight Sparkle the Unicorn Pony! :icontwilightsparkleplz: Use as you please!

Just remember... Twilight © HASBRO and :iconfyre-flye:
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© 2011 - 2021 BlackGryph0n
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@BlackGryph0n I borrowed this vector to make a signature.

Twilight Sparkle signature
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Used and credited you

Twilight Sparkle
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Hi, I recently used your work! Thank you for providing this wonderful vector! (You've been given full credit with a link back to this page.)

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I LOVE IT! A+ for your work Black Gryph0n
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Here you go!!  Thanks so much for letting me use the vector for this deviation.  Took me 2 days to complete.  Hope you like this, and have fun!!  :heart:

Uh, Andy, about your assignment ... by paulwellerfan79
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Twilight and Applejack's cutie marks used! Thank you!

  ~T W I J A C K~ by Ecoster1268
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twilights an alicorn now
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Used here...if that's okay with you.
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Used your Twilight'cutie mark, Applejack's cutie mark, Rarity's cutie…
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Ah, this will really help me---and is this the same Black Gryph0n from youtube? 

I love your music, by the way, if you are the same one.
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