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Taking Off (Cover Art)

By BlackGryph0n
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Cover art for me and Baasik's new track! --->   TAKING OFF   <---

This song is about that adorable scooting asparagus (meant to type Pegasus, but the auto-correct was too funny to fix) and her internal and external struggles regarding flight;
or rather, her inability to do so.

(Why are all the songs on this album about internal conflict? :O_o: )

"Taking Off" is the sixth song from our upcoming, 14 track album IMmortal. Coming soon to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, X-Box Music, CD Baby, and many more! :la:

In other news, I've been picked up by a Film/TV agent! So it's nice to be working again! :D

Love y'all! :huggle:
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And you'll fly~! And you'll fly, to the ends of the sky~!
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This is such a lovely still life—so evocative and emotional, yet entirely indirect. The track to which it belongs definitely is my favorite, and eventually inspired me to track down and purchase the album through Bandcamp. Right up there with “Taking Off”, for me at least, is “Crusader (Are We There Yet?)”; I don’t think it’s coincidence that both deal with the CMC, individually or collectively.
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Hi I'm a HUGE fan I love Proud to be a brony fusion remix
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I love how the sky is the color of Scootaloo and how in the song on Youtube, the letters are Scoot's mane & tail color! =)
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Thanks! :-D I love it when people notice the little details I add. :hug:
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oh! you make your own cover art!? Thats somethibng i was not aware of XD   Anyway, i might make you fanart ewe   so watch out for that XD
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Absolutley amazing picture! Kinda sad cuz I was this close to having Scootaloo being my pet. Keep up the great work. I am still getting there Fluttershy...still getting there...
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i like this very much, nice colors. reminds of my skate board, whoops off the wheel darnit! :)
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Sweet! And the song is EPIC!
I have a question though...
CANterlot Con. is being canceled according to their Facebook page.
What are you going to do now? Are you going to try to go to another convention or are you gonna shrug your shoulders and say 'maybe next year'?

Not trying to pry, just wondering. (curiosity killed the pony, I know I know)

Anyway, thanks for your music, it has really helped me out in the past few months.
Zynx-the-Woat's avatar
Loved the song! Finally one about my favorite CMC member! :D
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Woah, that's really cool. Great job!
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This image in and of itself could mean so many different things.

It's beautifully poetic, and I adore your ability to create these works of art.

(Music and art and anything else you do)
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You had me at asparagus.
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A new song? FUCK YEAH!!!
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So, when do you two plan on releasing the album? I've been holding off buying your songs because of it.
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You're making me feel something...
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The wheels appear to be broken; they are facing the opposite direction from the way the handle has turned...
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I’d bet that’s no accident—it certainly reinforces the feeling that the scooter is abandoned, left behind by a growing, maturing individual on her way to other things.
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I loved this song
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Congratz on getting an agent Gabe  
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Wow, this is really perfect Heart 
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Congrats on getting an agent! That's so awesome (and you deserve it SO much)! :D 
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